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Zenergy Gum

Zenergy the #1 Caffeine Gum wanted to spread the word about their miraculous gum and provide everyone with much needed energy, our team worked our marketing magic to come up with the perfect campaign to give Zenergy the buzz they deserve through authentic and organic marketing.



Zenergy’s goal was to bring awareness to their one of a kind product and build up their social media presence. To accelerate Zenergy’s online presence our team put together an influencer marketing strategy tailored to their needs and brand identity that directly reached their target market.

Our Solution

The Blitz team consulted with Zenergy to enhance their overall digital marketing strategy and produced a digital marketing gameplan to accompany Zenergy’s influencer marketing campaign for sustainable, ongoing growth. 


We wanted to maximize exposure and impact in the quickest way possible, to start we launched the campaign by partnering with 10 influencers with over 100K followers each, optimizing exposure, followers and engagement for Zenergy by drawing more clicks to their social media and ecommerce store.


Additionally, we sourced and negotiated premium health and fitness influencers across the US who aligned with Zenergy’s brand identity and reached their target consumers.


At Blitz, our motto is to always over-deliver. The final roster included 30 health and fitness influencers. Working with these influencers, we were able to garner over 1,700,000 impressions for Zenergy and grow their Instagram followers by 48%!


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