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Swamp Fox

Proudly made in Georgia, Swamp Fox Offers premium quality whiskey from grain to glass. A name inspired by the crafty Sir Francis Marion, Swamp Fox distillery insures to infuse a little of his revolutionary thinking into every batch. They offer a variety of whiskeys to satisfy every different taste pallet, each carefully curated bottle holds a story of its own, just waiting to be shared. Blitz Marketing came in to help spread awareness about their one-of-a-kind whiskeys right in time for the holidays.

Myles Barrineau


Swamp Fox wanted to spread the word about their whiskeys, they needed help hitting the right clientele across Georgia just in time for the holidays. The goal was to create a new audience for the local brand and position their exceptional whiskeys as the perfect holiday gift. We leveraged influencers' collective power to raise awareness about their liquors and communicate the Swamp Fox vision.


At Blitz, our motto is to always over-deliver. We crafted a custom campaign uniquely tailored to growing Swamp Fox's brand visibility, bringing awareness to their grain-to-glass locally-made whiskeys. Leveraging influencers' collective power,  Blitz Marketing was able to showcase Swamp Fox's unique value to thousands of potential clientele across Georgia. The final roster included influencers at varying following levels in order to maximize this geo-targeted Georgia campaign and hit the correct target demographic for the brand. The influencers created beautiful and unique content to share their experience with Swamp Fox and showcase how their whiskeys make for the perfect holiday gift. 

Siva Shankari

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