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Backyard Vineyards

Since 2009, Backyard Vineyards has been producing award-winning varietals, blended, and bubbly wines from 100% BC grapes grown on-site in their own vineyard and complemented with fruit selected from the Fraser Valley and South Okanagan. Utilizing a perfect blend of art and science, their wines are handcrafted to be extraordinary. From big bold reds to bubbly sparkling wines, they put their pride and joy into every bottle they produce. Blitz Marketing came in to help spread awareness about this incredible winery and all the wonderful services and products they offer.

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Backyard Vineyards wanted to spread the word about their local winery, they needed help hitting the right clientele across the Vancouver area. The goal was to buzz around Backyard Vineyards just in time for the summer and position them as the winery to visit in Vancouver. We leveraged influencers' collective power to showcase the exceptional wines and tasting Backyard Vineyards offer.

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At Blitz, our motto is to always over-deliver. We crafted a custom campaign uniquely tailored to growing Backyard Vineyards' brand visibility, bringing awareness to this beautiful winery and all the exceptional wines they offer, and communicating their vision to thousand of potential clientele across the Vancouver area. Leveraging influencers' collective power,  Blitz Marketing was able to showcase Backyard Vineyards' unique value. The final roster included a mix of nano, micro, and macro influencers based in Vancouver in order to maximize this geo-targeted campaign. The influencers created beautiful and uniquely curated content and shared the many reasons why Backyard Vineyards is the perfect spot to visit this summer.

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