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  • Sorina Andresan

How Influencer Marketing Has Changed In 2022?

Digital marketing has evolved beyond social media, with the power of influencer marketing leading the way. Businesses that used influencers saw as much as 1100% higher ROI than banner ads. With that said, the landscape is changing in 2022, and the trends are pointing in various directions.

Considering many factors that changed how influencer campaigns happen, how should you do your campaigns? What should you focus on? What has changed in 2022 that can give you the edge? Here’s what you need to know.

Micro-Influencers Are Better For Business Than Celebrities

In 2022, micro-influencers and brand advocates will be hot commodities for marketers. They cater to a niche audience and can deliver both engagement and conversions. While celebrities offer more eyes to your brand, influencers with a smaller following offer better value.

They focus their efforts on different demographics, provide shorter average buying cycles, and have better ROI per conversion. Instead of having your marketing campaign drag on for months, you can rather have micro-influencers produce content within a day or two, giving your brand instant results.

These micro-influencers and celebrities don’t command the same status, but they do sway their followers. And you get value from them even if they are not that famous.

Short Form Video Content Is More Effective

Influencer videos and other branded video initiatives dominate the influencer marketing waters off 2022. Studies show that 68% of Gen Z prefer consumable video content to blogs and white papers, while 83% of consumers trust recommendations from other people.

This makes sense when you consider how most information gets consumed today. We no longer want to read lengthy articles online but would rather watch a 1-minute Tiktok video on our latest lipstick purchase.

Branded short-form content allows people to see a brand in action through the eyes of real people. It will enable brands to connect with their customers more personally. Unboxing or tutorial-type videos are among the most effective by influencers.

Representation Matters

In 2022, diversity in representation and values will matter, particularly within the influencer world. The rise of “woke” millennials and Gen Zs, as well as multicultural families, mean a shift in consumer attitudes. This change means that businesses have to consider the wants and needs of diverse audiences.

They are starting to move away from the stereotypes, portraying different ethnicities and sexual identities in a more positive light. A better, more diverse influencer marketing campaign can pay dividends.

Branded User-Generated Content Is Getting Bigger

Consumers are looking for more authenticity. They do not want to be fooled by sponsored content and would prefer to see genuine reviews from friends or other product or service users. Brands are letting go of creative control and taking advantage of authentic content from their fans.

It is harder for big competitors to dominate the market in the current competitive landscape. Most businesses can get users to do the talking for them. In the end, people are better at selling products and spreading brand awareness than the brand itself.

Try The Newest Influencer Marketing Trend Now

To get ahead of the competition, you must keep up with the latest trends in influencer marketing. 2022 is a fantastic year for influencer marketing and brands that take advantage of it. What new things will you try? What trends will you adopt?


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