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5 Successful Alcohol Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Influencer marketing is, without a doubt, the most lucrative marketing strategy for businesses. As social media has become society's primary source of consumption, it is essential to engage your audience where they spend the most time. Alcohol companies are adapting to this by allocating most of their marketing efforts to social media marketing and influencer marketing, which has had an exceedingly lucrative payoff. Here are five alcohol brands who have run successful influencer marketing campaigns;

  1. Social Lite Vodka

  2. Grand Manier

  3. Twisted Tea

  4. Kahlua

  5. Corona

Social Lite Vodka

This cooler company runs hugely successful influencer marketing campaigns. As a company that has introduced a healthier and low-calorie alternative to traditional canned alcoholic drinks, they know their target market is health-conscious individuals. In creating an influencer marketing campaign, knowing their market was huge because it allowed them to find influencers in the health and fitness community who directly reach their target consumers.

Social Lite Vodka used a niche influencer marketing campaign in which they collaborated with various micro-influencers. This strategy was beneficial because it created brand awareness among its target consumers. The company worked with influencers whose followers had similar lifestyle habits and knew that their sugar-free drink would appeal.

Grand Marnier

Grand Manier used an influencer marketing campaign to advertise its premium liquor. The market the company partnered with influencers to reach was not as niche. The focus was on displaying the product in a manner that conveys elegance and luxury. For the campaign, the brand partnered with male and female fashion and lifestyle influencers that demonstrated their liquor's luxury.

The company contracted a variety of influencers with different styles. While each influencer featured the alcohol uniquely, they described how they enjoyed the liqueur that most appealed to their audience. The sponsored posts were all hashtagged "#welivegrand." When users search the hashtags, they can see various influencers enjoying the product, many of which posted multiple photos with the product, so it stands out to their followers that they support Grand Manier.

Twisted Tea

To help kick the quarantine blues, Twisted Tea launched an influencer marketing campaign encouraging customers to buy their product and keeping them entertained in isolation. The cooler company contracted a macro comedy influencer, J. Cyrus, to post a funny Instagram video advertising the drink.

The video showed a fridge full of Twisted Tea and J. Cyrus and his friend, an influencer, enjoying a Twisted Tea using a VR system to simulate a beach. This campaign proved to be a success not just because of the influencer that the company-sponsored, but also all J. Cyrus's viewers who organically commented on the post. His followers left comments expressing how much they love the drinks or going to purchase the product right away!


Kahlua partnered with a Toronto film influencer, Daniel Schiffer, who posted a series of sponsored posts. This collaboration was a great marketing strategy because by partnering with a creative who displayed the product in a fun and unique way, the video made the product extremely eye-catching to users. Given that Kahlua was launching a new product, the goal was to spread awareness about the product. The captivating video was an excellent way to bring attention to the new liqueur.

This influencer marketing campaign was successful because of the amount of engagement that the post got. The video received over 600K views. Not only were people enjoying watching the video, but they were also liking and commenting on it. People appreciated the influencer's work and, more and more people who viewed would remember Kahlua when they went to make their next liqueur purchase.


While Corona is a well-known beer company, they continue to dominate the market by adapting to the newest and most effective marketing strategies. The majority of society already knows the brand Corona, so their influencer marketing campaign focused more on values to create a unique selling proposition. The brand collaborated with an influencer named Lizzie Peirce, who promotes spending time outdoors and taking care of the environment.

The value-focused strategy was hugely successful because the influencer advocated using Corona because of recyclable glass bottles. It established authenticity and credibility for the company by demonstrating alignment between the influencer and its morals and values. Her followers gained more respect for Corona and the habits the brand supports, so they were more likely to purchase the product in the future.

Influencer marketing is a perfect way to create brand and product awareness. It is also a successful marketing tool for established brands to connect with an audience more authentically and be personable through the influencer. Find out more about how your company can get started with an influencer marketing campaign contact Blitz Marketing today!

Blitz Marketing has been selected among the Top Influencer Marketing Agencies by DesignRush


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