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How Alcohol Brands Are Using Influencer Marketing To Dominate

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

The alcohol industry has always faced advertising limitations and complications. With social media being the most valued marketing tool, alcohol companies can engage their audience creatively. While there are still guidelines that apply to protect us, such as stating the legal drinking age, alcohol companies have more creative freedom regarding social media marketing through influencer marketing. By leveraging influencers, alcohol companies can reach age-appropriate audiences with compelling content that doesn't feel like an advertisement. By operating at a less commercial level, alcohol companies build relationships with consumers through the endorsement of like-minded influencers they resonate with. Here's how alcohol brands are using influencer marketing to dominate the market.

An Entire Marketing Department In One Influencer

They don't just look pretty; influencers are incredibly functional! Influencers carefully curate their beautiful feeds with high-quality content, and it is why they are so successful. The effort they put into one post, and the potential for reach are well worth the investment. Influencers plan, produce captivating content and write compelling copy all themselves.

As masters of making life look perfect and exciting, influencers can strategize how to display your drink beautifully. Whether it's an aesthetically pleasing bar cart displaying your product or delicious, fun cocktail, an influencer will plan and execute the best possible way to show off your brand. Not only will they make you look good, but influencers are also experts in digital copywriting. Through writing witty captions, influencers create a call to action for your customers to increase conversions and sales. They also know what hashtags to use to boost the views on the post. Influencers do it all, so you don't have to, all you have to do is select the right one for your target market. Better yet, let the experts in influencer marketing find the right influencers for you! Blitz Marketing is ready to connect with the perfect influencer to meet your marketing goals.

The Cool Factor

Influencers aren't new. For years marketers have used celebrities to endorse products, including alcohol. Why? Because it gives the product clout and makes it fresh. Like stars have the power to influence their fans, social media influencers have a great deal of impact on their followers.

On social media, people follow influencers because they either find them relatable or aspire to be like them. Alcohol brands have noticed this aspiration and taken this opportunity to make their products known. Influencer marketing is a successful technique because people want to feel like they are living that lifestyle. By purchasing your beverage, people can think that their lifestyle is closer to the influencer's aspire to be.


Alcohol companies have gotten a bad wrap over the years for promoting a potentially unhealthy lifestyle. For this reason, people have lost respect and trust in brands. People fear alcohol corporations for their manipulating tendencies. That is why influencer marketing has been such a successful advertising technique for alcohol brands. By working with influencers, people have a face to trust.

Alcohol companies that promote their products through influencers, efficiently reach their target market so that they won't feel like they are being advertised to. There is a level of trust between the influencer and their followers, making their followers genuinely value your opinion. Through influencer marketing, casual promotion conveys authenticity for alcohol brands by reaching your target audience through someone they know and trust. The authenticity carried through alcohol brands' influencer marketing campaigns drives sales.

Creative Freedom

Influencers have slightly more creative freedom in promotion than the alcohol brands themselves. Companies have to be careful in safeguarding their reputation because people don't want to see alcohol brands promoting irresponsible consumption. Influencers need to be cautious of their status, too, but can show the product more casually in day to day settings. In saying this, influencers have more freedom in the way in which they display the product.

Marketing laws prevent alcohol companies from various advertising activities. For example, brands cannot promote restaurants or locations that sell their beverages. Influencers can advocate for a company by posting enjoying the drink at a specific location and tag the place and the alcohol brand. In terms of disclosure, the influencers must label the post as sponsored and state the legal drinking age. Otherwise, this is as far as an influencer's restrictions go, and can post about alcohol brands creatively within their guidelines.

Influencers have infinitely more freedom to market alcohol brands than the company themselves. Collaborating with influencers allows brands to overcome marketing barriers and connect with their target audience directly and authentically. To learn more about how your brand can work with influencers to dominate the market and gain these strategic benefits today, contact Blitz Marketing!

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