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7 Instagram Analytics Tools to Track Results

The title sounds technical, but this article is a must-read, I promise. Once you understand the best ways of recording data, you will unleash a gold mine of power and potential for your business. You’ll be able to prioritize what you want to achieve. What are your leading key performance indicators? Make a goal and decide what metrics will tell you if you're reaching that goal. Do you need followers? sales? subscribers? brand awareness?

Guess what? There's an easy way to take all these avenues you want to grow and track them in one place. Think about it like this: all the traffic and action that occurs from audiences on your business's page are sticks. If you take the time to collect those sticks, you can strategically sort them. From these sticks, you can then build a house that attracts more of the types of sticks you want so you can keep building rooms onto your hypothetical stick house and grow your stick community. Have I gotten the point to stick?

Below is a list of the seven analytics tools for Instagram that help drive your business's growth and make connections between what works and what doesn't so you can save time and make money.

  1. Brandwatch Consumer Research

  2. Hootsuite

  3. Keyhole

  4. Owlmetrics


  6. Sprout Social

  7. Iconosquare

BONUS: Influencers

1. Brandwatch Consumer Research

This software is an incredibly vast archive of public consumer opinions. You can track back mentions all the way back to 2008 while looking at the half a billion new posts each day. It is useful for benchmarking your brand against others. You can search for a competitor and see their ratings in different areas. Measuring yourself against competitors is a sure-fire way to see if your brand is up to industry standards. Look for what your inspirations are doing and model yourself after that. If you admire a particular company that is a leader in the industry in terms of sales, popularity, and engagement, by following their footsteps, you can achieve greater success too.

Another feature Brandwatch has is AI that draws insights quickly and notifies vital stakeholders as soon as something shifts. Any significant changes towards negative notifications or a specific interest circling in the digital world. Always work to keep your brand ahead of the game. This software gives you an advantage by showing any changes that need to occur in your content to create positive responses from your target audience.

2. Hootsuite

This social media management tool is great for monitoring multiple sites’ engagement. It can work for Instagram, but you can also track metrics from other sites like Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn. If you have a lot on the go and need something to compile and simplify all your avenues, this is a great option. Creating digestible numbers to track and compare will strengthen your understanding of your own business. Using the data you gather you’ll be able to be a better advocate to convert clients for your brand.

Hootsuite also has a feature which reduces overlap in work. When your brand receives mentions on Instagram, Hootsuite will notify the team of who has responded to an inquiry or comment. This way, there won't be redundancies and confusion with overlapping responsibilities. This tool is handy if you have a team with flexible hours and who work from home.

Better yet, you will receive a weekly analytics report via email that includes:

  1. Number of clicks per day

  2. Geographical information on the people visiting and clicking

  3. Top referrers

  4. Most popular links

3. Keyhole

This platform is perfect if your business is looking to track hashtags. Hashtags can connect you with members of your target audience easily. You can find out the passions, likes, and dislikes of groups. Tracking trends of popular hashtags will push your business to become a leader at targeting the growth of a digital crisis or depth of passion an audience has about a message. User-generated content is a unique metric to track, it would help your brand track passion and engagement.

By measuring your brand's trends and your competitor's branded hashtags, you can compare successes to see where you fall in terms of industry standards. You should be searching for and utilizing these three kinds of hashtags:

  1. Brand

  2. Events

  3. Campaigns

4. Owlmetrics

Branded as creating real-time actionable analytics for your brand, this software hosts many useful tools. They focus on growth and increasing your Instagram account organically through the insights they mine. A lot of brands will buy followers on their Instagram to look like they have a strong following. This is a sure-fire way to lose your reach and have Instagram's algorithm disfavour your content. That's why Owlmetric’s promise to increase your numbers organically is essential.

A few specifics about your audience that this application tracks are:

  • New followers

  • Unfollows

  • Gender

  • Geography

From these specifics, you will have a stronger understanding of your audience, and you will be able to track what posts get the most likes and which hashtags trigger engagement. This is important because genuine growth can stem from a strategic and authentic connection with your audiences.


This one has the ability to track mentions, hashtags, and benchmarks. You also receive daily updates. allows you to download reports with easy to read graphics and charts. Since it tracks and creates alerts for any brand mentions, you can respond to mentions directly from your account to save time and increase efficiency.

6. Sprout Social

Sprout Social knows what's going on when it comes to creating visually stimulating and digestible imagery from numbers. It can be tough to look at figures, charts, and comparisons and make sense of it. Especially when you've had a long day, and your brain just isn't firing. This software allows users to export presentation-ready files which are perfect when your business needs to showcase your growth.

People don't want to sit and hear a bunch of numbers thrown at them; they need to see what it looks like and understand its value. Champion your brand by having the data to back it up. Create shareable data that is understandable from all levels. Impress clients and your bosses by creatively showing your growth.

7. Iconosquare

This platform breaks down analytics in visually appealing ways and features your most important metrics in graph form.

This software focuses on all avenues of Instagram, like competitors, hashtag performance, and even story analytics. It's important to track if audiences are following on actions to promote traffic and conversions for your other pages. For example, are users actually going back to your bio to check out the link you posted in your story? Find out, and if not, you can improve on this.

Better yet, Iconosquare offers a scheduling application with built-in recommendations based on your very own data. Who wouldn't want to optimize their strategy with a tool like this?

Bonus: Influencers

An easy way to track data almost completely hands-off is to work with premium influencers who already do their own tracking. This way, all you have to do is check over the numbers that tell you how much growth your brand has incurred from collaborating with an influencer! Influencers will accelerate your business's online presence and conversions at a mind-boggling rate.

Going beyond the basic level of recording analytics will amplify your business's growth. If you're interested in working with our talented team here at Blitz Marketing, please feel free to reach out to us at at any time.

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Jun 07, 2021

$500/months is not enough to survive in a city like Toronto, Vancouver, or LA. Stop exploiting employees under false pretences.


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