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The Value of Using an Agency

Influencer marketing is the top advertising trend this year. All different sizes of companies are employing influencer marketing campaigns. The most effective way to develop a strategic influencer marketing campaign is through an agency. Influencer marketing is a very dynamic industry that requires experience to develop and execute a marketing plan.

That is why influencer marketing agencies are invaluable in managing the variables and giving your marketing strategy the attention it needs. Some brands feel that their internal marketing departments can facilitate these efforts. However, this innovative and unique style of marketing requires a median between the business and the creative stakeholders, bridging the two stakeholders' goals for optimal results.

Indie Alehouse @mr.rockyl

Finding the Right Influencer

A successful influencer marketing campaign requires a strategically selected influencer. Agencies are vital in this process because they have built up positive relationships with numerous influencers who know how to run a successful campaign. It can be extremely challenging and overwhelming to go online and try to select an influencer to partner with on your own. There are so many people on the internet that it is difficult to start this process without any insight. Most business owners don't know when an influencer has a legitimate or a purchased following.

The influencer your company selects must directly reach your target market. Influencer marketing agencies have the background knowledge to find your desired audience online and ensure that they see the contracted influencer content. From a PR standpoint, companies may not have the insights on an influencer's reputation that an agency would have. Using an agency to partner with the right influencer for your strategy is the foundation for generating a high return rate.

Blitz Influencer Contracts


Once an agency has conducted detailed research and selected an influencer, they then begin negotiating a contract between their client (the company) and the influencer. An agency is a key component to a successful deal because influencers tend to be afraid to negotiate with a corporation. It is incredibly beneficial to have an agency familiar with the creative discipline, to create a stream for successful communication to flow.

An agency knows how to get the most out of your budget. You may be under the impression that influencer marketing is paying someone with thousands, maybe even millions of followers for a feed post sponsoring your brand. However, agencies know how to spread around your budget by negotiating a range of different media content and contracting as many influencers as possible. Hiring an agency to negotiate the variables of your contract ensures your business gets the most value for your marketing budget.

Digital Discourse

There are so many components that go into ensuring a successful influencer marketing campaign. There is a level of social media expertise required in addition to the influencer's experience to get the most out of a post. Generating any awareness for your brand through an influencer's post is beneficial. But to optimize the magnitude of an influencer marketing approach, there needs to be a plan specifying digital discourses worked into the contract.

What do we mean by digital discourse? To accompany the post, there are elements of the text that can increase the content's reach and engagement. These elements, such as hashtags, for example, may seem insignificant but, in fact, significantly increase the traffic on the post. Similarly, it may not seem necessary to specify which of your company's profiles you want to have tagged on the post. However, being tagged directly on the image or video will increase conversions on your social media and, subsequently, your website.

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