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7 Influencer Marketing Trends

Trends are essential to keep up with, especially in the digital, social media space. As you know, capturing attention is a valued commodity for brands, influencers, and everyday people. The best way to maximize your potential is to stay on trends and capitalize on what audiences are most interested in purchasing.

We've summarized seven influencer marketing trends that are becoming increasingly more relevant in reaching the masses:

Alvento Winter 2020 @mr.rockyl

  1. Merging Digital Marketing: Social Media, Influencer, and Content Marketing

  2. Niche Brands and Influencers

  3. Celebrities are Losing Power

  4. Influencers as Ambassadors, Not Deals

  5. Relatability is Rising Storytelling Content, Video content.

  6. Nano and Micros are Major

  7. Rethink Platforms

Blitz Marketing specializes in all digital, social media, and influencer marketing to ensure your brand will accelerate! Our team of experts have experience, connections, and results, to accomplish whatever objectives you have for your business.

Merging Digital Marketing: Social Media, Influencer, and Content Marketing

Gone are the days where brands and businesses rely on multiple services/agencies to accomplish their primary objectives. With marketing agencies streamlining access businesses have to all markets, it's becoming easier to have a fully-fleshed social media, influencer, and content strategy and campaign all from one team. Many businesses love the merging of marketing, as it helps ensure their branding is consistent and creates a relationship. Marketing your brand is a learning process, and finding an agency that is dedicated to your brand can be a critical factor in your success. Blitz Marketing works hard, so you don't have to worry about getting in front of clients.

Niche Brands and Influencers

This trend is only getting more prominent in social media marketing, as brands and influencers alike are catching wind of the importance of demographics. People follow their likes and interests on social media. People are different. Therefore, catering to different people's likes and benefits can help your brand find interested audiences, this has been a tried and true strategy in traditional marketing, so applying the target audience's concept to digital platforms will broaden your reach.

Celebrities are Losing Power

Celebrities don't have the same value they used to. That attributes to the growing power of influencers, and how they've proven valuable to businesses and brands for a lot less than celebrity sponsorship. More likely, everyone realizes that relatability is more critical than admiration, especially as people realize the pedestal they are on consists of money and silicone. Nevertheless, celebrities have stopped being the one-stop-shop for all your influencer needs, as more factual content takes precedent.

Alvento Winter 2020 @mr.rockyl

Influencers as Ambassadors, Not Deals

As we mentioned earlier, influencers are becoming increasingly more significant to brands and businesses, and studies show that this trend will continue. It's important to understand that influencers are a brand/business of their own, and are looking for quality sponsors. This means valuing the content that is shared between your brand and your influencer. So make sure the relationship aligns with your objectives. You have to value the influencer themselves, so treat them as ambassadors of your product because that is what they are. They are putting their name behind your product, and recognizing this crucial fact will nurture your business relationship and motivate both parties to collaborate and share each other's content. An Instagram, Youtuber, or Twitter account is not a newspaper ad, platforms have innovated, and advertising should innovate hand-in-hand with this evolution.

Relatability is Rising Storytelling Content, Video content.

The power of relatability is rising, and with it comes storytelling content. The best vehicle for content is through videos, and we've seen this trend translate into Youtube's popularity. Youtube is a fantastic platform, but established social media has been integrating video content seamlessly into their platforms. Working with experienced professionals will make you look, feel, and be professional! Blitz Marketing has a fantastic media team for this very reason! Utilize these tools effectively to explode your brand!

Nano and Micros are Major

Sounds counterintuitive, but studies have shown that it can be a more valuable investment to look at smaller influencers to market your brand. You can stretch your budget to reap the maximum potential through valuing nano-influencers and micro-influencers beyond their follower count. Many of these influencers have loyal followings and can prove to have a better engagement rate than the more prominent influencers with more saturated followings.

Rethink Platforms

Though Instagram and Facebook are monsters in the platform space, it can be sufficient to explore other platform options. Similar in concept with niche brands and influencers, utilizing "niche" platforms can help audiences find you through educational/informational outlets. For example, Pinterest can be a fantastic platform for any business that emphasizes visual aesthetics. When brides search wedding cakes on Pinterest, and they find a beautiful cake that just so happens to be from your bakery, they can reach out to you to get what they want. Plus, there is less competition on these more niche platforms, allowing your brand to be an influential industry player on smaller and bigger platforms.


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