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Breaking Down Instagram Business Insights

What is Instagram Business Insights? If you've set your Instagram as a business account, you've probably seen the small tab on the top right of your profile page, listing options, one of which is Insights.

What are Instagram business insights, and how do they help your business/brand?

Instagram Business Insights allows users to track basic analytics that helps them figure out their content's performance. Though minimal, Instagram Insights can provide your brand with valuable information that can inform your marketing strategy or your company as a whole! We are going to break down how Instagram Business Insights work and how you should use the following features to grow your business:

  1. Activity

  2. Content

  3. Promotions

  4. Audience Insights

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Instagram Insights have three subheadings: Activity, Content, and Audience. We'll break down each tab and explain why and how they can improve your brand's engagement!


The activity tab gives you insights into your interactions and breaks them down into two sections: Interactions and Discovery.

Interactions: Interactions describe how many people have visited your profile, clicked on your bio, or attempted to contact your business (if you added an address). These interactions are a good indicator of how well you're translating your fans into clients. Be sure to include a link directly to your business to make the most of your Instagram account.

Discovery: Discovery displays insights into your reach and impressions. It is essential information that allows you to see whether you're reaching new audiences and if you're doing enough to grow your followers.


Content gives you insight into how your content is performing and is broken down by the type of content. Monitoring this is vital to understanding whether your content is working for or against your brand.

Feed Posts: this insight gives you an understanding of how your actual profile content is doing. It is helpful because this content is the first thing people will click on in your profile or is what gets people to follow your page. Monitor how your feed posts are doing and dedicate time and effort to the content on your feed. Something as simple as making it look good matters, and you'll see through your insights how your content does better.

Stories: Similar to Feed Posts analytic, the insight of your stories allow you to see how your story content performs. Stories are more casual and should create a more personable relationship with your audience. Make sure your accounts are not a nuisance but bring value to your consumers, whatever way your brand can.


Promotions allow you to see analytics for content that you've promoted. These metrics keep track of the value of your investment on Instagram. Ensure that your promoted content is on track to reach your marketing objectives by maintaining a strategy or switching up your plan.


The audience gives you all the information you need about demographics and audience behaviour. Using these analytics can help you hone in on who your target marketing is currently, and what you can do to broaden or capitalize on that reach.

Audience insights through these demographics:

  1. Top Locations - lists you top 5 audience locations, by city or country

  2. Age Range - lists the top 7 audience age ranges, of everyone, or by gender

  3. Gender - a pie chart of the percentage of your demographic that is male or female

  4. Followers - a bar graph of the time ranges when your followers are on your account

These are the basics of Instagram Business Insights, use them to accelerate your business and grow your audiences!

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