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5 Reasons Why Social Media Videos Convert

Producing quality video content is the best way to generate conversions for your brand. Forms of social media marketing have the best ROI (return on investment). In 2020, 92% of businesses have found that video marketing is a necessary component of their social media strategy.

Of that 92%, 95% have said that they will increase their social media video production budget due to the high ROI they experienced.* So why is this technique so successful? Here are five reasons why social media videos create conversions;

  1. High-Quality Content

  2. Humanizes Your Brand

  3. Inform

  4. Generate Leads

  5. Customer Loyalty

High-Quality Content

So you might be wondering, is a production budget worth it? If other businesses' success isn't enough proof, the harmful effects of not producing quality content will. Given that video marketing is a big digital marketing trend, creating high-quality content is required to set you apart.

Poor quality can have extremely harmful effects on your marketing campaign. Your video might be someone's first impression of your brand, take advantage of this to make a good impression! Poor audio, video and images will make your company look unprofessional. Customers will not want to trust you with their business if your company doesn't seem legit. So fake it till you make it! A Blitz Marketing professional content package will make your company stand out among competitors.

Humanizes Your Brand

People don't care to see mundane product ads; they want something to feel connected. That's why creating a lifestyle for your brand is so effective. Show your product in a way that highlights your target market's values and aspirations; this will promote interest that will generate conversions in a much more natural and authentic way.

Authenticity is also why influencer marketing is so effective. Featuring an influencer in social media videos that endorse your product allows people to associate a face they respect and identify with to your company. If your audience sees someone they idolize using your product, it generates an emotional connection, encouraging your customers to look further into your brand.


Videos are a quick and easy way to tell your customers what you want them to know. Set an intention for your video, and don't make it too long. You always want to leave them wanting more. So show your audience enough to get them excited about specific features that they will need to know more about, maximizing conversions.

Social media is so interactive, which makes it an exciting way to educate your consumers on your brand. For example, Q&A's videos are a great way to get people to ask whatever they want about your product. Then, you can post a video responding to their inquiries. This kind of video is a way to increase engagement with your channel and draw people to your website to learn more.

Generate Leads

Like we said, leave them wanting more, leverage all your content for conversions! Videos are a great way to generate interest in your brand quickly. Use videos to tease the audience about the value they can gain from your product or service, without disclosing the critical information. At the end of the video, create a call to action stating where they can learn more details.

A great example of this is podcasters or Youtubers. People will post a teaser video clip of the most exciting part of a podcast episode and then cut off right before getting into the good stuff. The short video is enough to intrigue people to go and watch or listen to the actual episode. Enticing your audience to go to watch your full video is a lead. This lead may result in a conversion bringing the view to your website. The key here is to have engaging content that will translate into conversions. Blitz Marketing is here to help you with all your captivating production needs!

Customer Loyalty

Social media videos are a way to generate potential client leads. Additionally, they are also a way of keeping your customers interested and involved. There are so many different kinds of videos that will help you stay at the top of your customers' minds and prevent them from seeking a competing service.

Keep your customers up to date! Producing teaser videos that will get people excited about your upcoming projects is another great way to keep your customers interested. Videos can also be a tool to create connectivity. Customer loyalty grows when your consumers feel that they have a relationship with you. Use your videos to let people get to know who your brand is!

Producing high-quality social media videos is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy for both customer attainment and retention. We know video production and all the factors that make it captivating may not be a part of your company's toolkit. Here at Blitz Marketing, we offer in house production packages to enhance your digital marketing strategy.


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