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4 Hotels that are Powerful due to Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is making waves in the innovative digital marketing landscape for many reasons that big businesses are catching on to the trend. From banks to bakeries, every brand in the know is getting in on the influencer marketing space. The four hotels below have actively utilized influencer marketing to explode their brand and accelerate their growth.

We'll break down the hows and why these strategies are so successful:

  1. Specified Content

  2. Broad Hashtags

  3. Niche Accounts

  4. Consistency

  5. Consistency

  6. Collaboration

You can learn from these strategies by implementing similar tactics for your own business! If you're interested in influencer marketing strategy (and probably should be), contact Blitz Marketing today! We are your go-to social media, influencer, and digital marketing experts, backed with years of experience and proven results!

Specified Content

With over 188k followers, there's no mistaking that Shangri-La Maldives does a fantastic job using social media to convert followers into fans. Its name alone has a presence, primarily through the hotel's ability to brand themselves as luxurious and decadent. The chain has had an impact on communities worldwide, but one of their best performing social media handles is @shangrilamaldives.

Though the scenery lends itself to beauty and paradise vibes, the account has done a fantastic job establishing itself in the social media space. The hotel uses the influencers they contract to showcase scenery and amenities. Often, the star of the sponsored post is not the influencer but features of the hotel. This content is enabled to perform beyond the influencer's audience, capturing anyone interested in travel and luxury (and who isn't?).

Broad Hashtags

Although Shangri-La Maldives does incorporate brand-specific hashtags like #ShangriLaMaldives, they also do include a general hashtag: #BeyondParadise. Their hashtag is excellent and specific enough not to be inundated with unrelated content. This hashtag also repeats the brand's commitment to the idea of luxury and paradise, and by making sure their influencers use the hashtag, this further emphasizes the hotel's branding.

Niche Accounts

El Fenn's social media is enchanting because the hotel itself is enchanting. Most of the content is based around showcasing this beauty, in colourful high resolution, shareable photography. Most of their content doesn't showcase influencers, but influencers and other popular Instagram accounts do showcase them. By appealing to accounts that post pretty travel content, luxurious hotels, or local Marrakech business, the hotel has a more significant social media reach than most.

The key to El Fenn's marketing strategy is working consistently to create high-quality content. With Richard Branson's sister, Vanessa Branson, as it's owner, El Fenn has the advantage of influencer and social media marketing, on its side. Featured on hit sites like Goop, El Fenn does a fantastic job at marketing through untraditional and often dull methods. Through being intrinsically unique and beautiful, El Fenn understands that social media is key to sharing their picturesque hotel. They reach out to their target niche - the travel and lifestyle industry, and ensure that Instagram account with huge followings, that may not be branded by a face but rather their niche, post about them. Often featured on the number one spot on a variety of social media posts, El Fenn is wise and efficient in their influencer marketing budget by investing directly in their niche.


Consistency is vital for the Great Bear Lodge. The adorable account, who's content mostly consists of, you guessed it, great bears, along with beautiful scenes of nature and other wildlife. Their content is very high quality and captures the majestic beauty of the great north while being updated continuously.

By investing in influencer marketing and content alike, you prime the account for success. So when a guest captures a video of humpback whales rising out of the water, directly in front of the lodge, Great Bear Lodge hit virality. With over a hundred thousand views and many more reposts by travel and nature accounts crediting them, the account grew to over 70k followers, which immediately made them a leading industry player in travel, and nature stays! Had they had not had an already great Instagram account, many interested audiences wouldn't have bothered to follow, or stay at the lodge. Virality isn't necessary, but the combination of influencer marketing and consistency was vital to success and vital to yours! Trust Blitz Marketing, the go-to experts for all your social media, influencer, and digital marketing needs! Our curated network of influencers and experts will explode your brand through a results-driven strategy and years of experience.


Levin Iglut is a family-owned glass igloo village in Finland and is a lot more successful than you'd think. With over 160k followers, this igloo village is doing something right with their social media. Their account has flawless photography, capturing the winter wonderland, and sometimes even the Aurora Borealis!

What this brand does best is how they collaborate with influencers, micro and macro alike, to reach wider audiences. They are often reposting influencer content, and share their audience with them as well! By creating mutually beneficial relationships, influencers will share their beautiful pictures, and become genuine ambassadors for Levin Iglut! Through having the reach of combined audiences, and building a loyal follower base, Levin Iglut is growing authentically and quickly.


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