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Caption 101 - how to capture your audience on social media

Firstly, you should all know that captions DO matter. Captions are an opportunity to showcase your company through words, and offer a ton of overlooked value. The famous saying goes, “a picture is worth 1000 words,” but 1020 words are worth more. As a company, you should be taking every opportunity to hold audiences’ attention, even if it requires a little more time and thought. We’ve summarized vital caption guidelines, all aptly starting with C, to make Creating Captions more Clearer for your company:

  • Consistent

  • Candid

  • Context

  • Curious

  • Corny

  • Colourful

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Consistency is key; consistency is key; consistency is key. Did you get that? Of course, you did, it was consistently repeated three times. Similarly, incorporating a consistent tone throughout your social media content will keep driving your brand into the viewer’s head. One of my favourite captioners is milk because of their raw relatability, straightforward attitude, and their loving support for artists. Moreover, they stay true to their brand in each post, bringing the same personality in whatever content you use.


Keep it simple. Short and easy to read is accessible and increases the possibility of audiences reading your entire caption. Plus, making an effort to be candid can help you figure out how to focus your audience’s attention on what matters. But don’t let that discourage a lengthy story-like caption because that has value too! Long captions build relatability and loyalty with your audience, be sure not to spill your whole heart out every day (biweekly is a reasonable rate).


Posting captivating visual content, then giving meaning to your visuals through your captions, is a fantastic way to capitalize on the content real estate you have. Captions must add value to whatever you post. Many Instagram accounts post general graphics to grab their audience’s attention and direct it towards their caption; this is a fantastic way to upkeep a visually appealing feed while informing your audience!


Stay curious about your audience! Use your captions to incite interactions, like posing a question or asking for recommendations; this lets your audience know that they are valuable to you, and they indeed are! This strategy is also fantastic to understand what your audience needs and likes/dislikes.

For example, if your company is involved in the design, simply asking your audience what design they’d prefer can both integrate your consumer’s needs into your product and boost sales. Fun questions that are irrelevant to your company can work well too! The more engagement spawned, the better, especially in your comment section.


People love corny, whether they’d say it or not. Quotes or a dumb joke go a long way toward making your content more relatable, less business, and more play. Audiences want to be emotionally invested, and giving your brand a dynamic personality, even if it’s dorky, can play well for your brand. We love Casper’s simple and slightly cheesy captions.


In the digital age, captions can be colourful, with emojis, hashtags, and an assortment of characters to build visuals. Emojis, especially, are trendy, increase engagement, grow followers, and are just more fun! If you have the chance to incorporate emojis like the panda, avocado, meteorite, or magical orb, please take it! Not all at once, though, the emojis should stay relevant to your caption, and overuse can have the opposite effect. Whatever your brand is, incorporating emojis, as silly as it is to say, really does translate into better results for your content!


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