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Influencer Marketing for The Luxury Hotel Industry

Travel influencers have a massive community on social media. These influencers share their experiences at different resorts all over the world. Users love to follow travel influencers because they get to be a part of their adventures and feel like they are on the trip too! Why are travel influencers so relevant? They are the modern critics who give authentic reviews about hotels and resorts through blogs, vlogs and social media posts. Potential customers would rather see personal experiences first hand than read meaningless reviews online. Influencers engage their audience on a unique level through the genuine relationships they have established with their followers. Hotels and resorts need to use influencer marketing to increase awareness for your business and stay relevant.

Why Influencer Marketing?

With infinite information at our fingertips, generations have become extraordinarily resourceful and spend most of their time on the internet. Social media occupies the most significant portion of consumption in regards to education, connection and consumerism. Influencer marketing allows hotels to educate users on the luxurious treatment they provide through their day to day media consumption; influencers. People don't trust corporate agendas and are not interested in self-promotion anymore. They care to see real people and their experiences, so influencers are essential to the hotel industry.

How Do Luxury Hotels Use Influencer Marketing

Using an effective influencer marketing campaign to promote hotels can increase bookings by at least 18%. How? Through strategic macro and micro-influencer partnerships that position luxury hotels' industry status and establish exceptional reputations. Trustworthy travel influencers don't only create awareness about your hotel but generate authentic interest that generates conversions.

By reaching out to travel influencers who's posts beautifully tell stories of their high-end travel experiences, luxury hotels can best demonstrate their unmatched amenities and services. The critical element for selecting the right influencers for your campaign is engagement. It's not just about showcasing your hotel to as many people as possible; odds are they already know your name. It's about showing the experience of highly engaged audiences, so micro-influencers are incredibly useful.

Luxury hotels offer micro-influencers all paid accommodation at their hotels in exchange for the influencers' posting content. Micro-influencers don't have hundreds of thousands of followers, but they have genuine relationships with their followers. The connections that they have established give them the authority to have a real impact on their followers' travel purchases. In the grand scheme of things, investing in an influencer's stay at your hotel is a low price in the value that it provides.

Need More?

If you're not impressed by the potential to increase booking with a few paid stays, you will be with what your competitors are doing. Luxury hotels worldwide are collaborating with influencers that give their followers a virtual experience that has them dying to get off their couch and on a plane. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts are doing an exceptional job of influencer marketing. Working on a campaign with various micro and macro influencers, Fairmont has positioned itself as a leader in the luxury hotel industry. Through inspirational social media posts that rave about all the amenities and experiences they have to offer, the Fairmont has run campaigns that received over 89 million impressions.

The potential of influencer marketing in the luxury hotel industry is at an all-time high right now. To stay ahead of the competitions, reach out to influencers who have active, authentic engagement. The innovative content published through an influencer marketing campaign is invaluable in converting customers. Be a leader in the industry through the trendsetters of the travel industry. Want to learn more or looking to start today? Let Blitz Marketing set you up with the best, authentic travel influencers for your strategy!


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