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Why is having Good Quality Content Vital to Growth?

Have you ever seen content that you don't understand, who, how, and why it exists? Creating content that's isn't thought out or doesn't translate for your target audience can be the same as throwing money into a pile and burning it. Worse yet, lousy content reflects poorly for your brand and can do the opposite of what you intended to do. Trust us, running through the harmful quality content, would take a lot more time than finding the good stuff.

So we decided to break down what is good quality content and how it can translate into substantial growth:






= Growth

Using these tips and implementing similar tactics for your brand will ensure your content strategy is better than most. As the experts in social media, digital, and influencer marketing, we know what has the potential to explode your brand. With our team of experts, backed with experience and results, at Blitz, we ensure our marketing strategy over-delivers.


Before starting your marketing strategy, it's imperative to understand what your brand is, and strives for online. Think about your brand's values, it's the mission, and it's the appeal. These factors will help guide your company throughout its lifespan, so dedicating time and effort to this process can be extremely beneficial for all plans. Once you've disseminated what your brand truly is, use content to emphasize your brand. Your mission does not have to be direct and blatant but should be transparent and integrated through all your content output. Being intentional and meaningful in your content will translate, as consumers will have a better understanding of your brand.


The quality of your content is what differentiates dead social media accounts for those that are alive and active. Factors like presentation matter and are the first thing people usually notice on social media and can be the determining factor in gaining followers. Invest in experience and tools. Although these don't offer an immediate ROI, if you want social media to be one of the ways you market your brand, it's a smart investment.

The appearance of your content should be bold, bright, and on-trend for your current audience. Look at your competitors, what they're doing, and how it's appealing to the market. Don't do a copy, paste, either. Similar content will usually perform similarly, so try to differentiate your brand through your content. It's the reason why Old Spice, a deodorant company, is now a nationally recognized brand. Be purposeful, engaging, and disruptive, all at the same time. Blitz Marketing are the experts in social media, influencer, and digital marketing, so contact our experienced and result-driven team today!


The content you output for your brand should not comprise of purely and plainly, advertising spam. Incorporate value into your content; this boosts sales in multiple ways. If you're creating value for your audience, your audience will stay on your account's pages and engage with your brand more often. Though this may not translate directly into sales right away, being an established industry expert is key to building trust and awareness.

Moreover, the more people, and the longer, people engage, the more the algorithm will favour your content. The algorithm can launch your content into viral success or let it lay flat, to be seen by no one. The algorithm is not the only thing that will favour you, if your content is both valuable and shareable (i.e. clear and visually appealing), people will share it. Sharing allows your target demographic to access your brand easier and increase viral potential!


Though virality is excellent, it can offer a similar return on investment as consistent growth, which is more attainable and predictable. Consistency is key here. Create a schedule and post on your social media consistently. Diversify your content and collaborate with other industry players to boost each other up and share audience reach. A massive marketing strategy that is dominating the market is using influencer marketing. Blitz Marketing specializes in influencer marketing. It uses a trusted network of niche or broad, macro or micro-influencers, to sponsor your brand and create great content with an already established audience. As long as you follow these tips in creating good, quality, content, consistently, your brand will grow and reach bigger audiences. It's time to create exceptional, valuable content that will pay off and contact us if you're interested in growing your brand!


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