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Are Micro Influencers Worth it?

The term influencer is one of importance in the digital marketing world. People forget that it's an umbrella term for quite a few breakdowns of influencer types. There are a vast amount of kinds of these leaders with large followings on social media that have notoriety in a specific lifestyle or niche market. This article focuses on micro-influencers who have 5,000-10,000 followers.

These smaller following numbers may seem inconsequential, but micro-influencers have extraordinary power that your business needs to start utilizing. Micro-influencers are ideal for companies with a tighter marketing budget who still want to make a big splash and be brimming over with conversions.

Alvento Campaign 2020 @thelisters85

The following topics are discussed in this article to help your business discover why micro-influencers have a substantial power to bring you the most bang for your buck.

  • Micro’s Are Very Accessible

  • Your Business is Spending on Affordable Influence

  • Increase Your Conversion Rate

  • Accelerate The Legitimacy of Your Brand

Entirely Accessible

Locking down an influencer for your campaign can be difficult if the influencer has a considerable standing. Some powerful and charismatic influencers are well-loved that have 1.2 million followers. But to get them for a campaign would be costly and time-consuming. Most of them are on contract with talent management agencies.

That's why micro-influencers are such a great alternative. They are easier to get in touch with and more likely to respond to inquiries for any business. Chances are these smaller influencers are not attached to an agent, so you will be able to negotiate with them directly, and your budget can stretch further.

Affordable Influence

It can be hard to lock down an influencer with a strong standing of hundreds of thousands of followers. That's why micro-influencers are ideal because if you have a smaller marketing budget, you can spread across a few micro-influencers rather than one macro. Despite losing some reach that you could get with a macro influencer, you make up for it by expanding into a multitude of audience markets. These markets have secure relationships with their influencer and their platform resulting in more leads for your business.

Cinnaholic 2020 Campaign @anikaleung

Increase Your Conversion Rate

Micro-influencers are more approachable and relatable to their audiences. They have authority in a specific niche, but they are not too famous. Therefore, their lifestyle is attainable to their audiences. They share the same interests and struggles, so it makes sense that if the influencer liked a brand, so will their devoted audience. Seeing a celebrity endorse the same product wouldn't have the same personal appeal or effect.

That's why, despite influencing a smaller community, more conversions occur because the audiences are more actionable. From this, your business can experience more conversions and growth within a new market base. Conversions are measured in several ways, depending on the needs of your business:

  • Sales

  • Subscription / Followers

  • Leads

  • Email Completions

  • Visits to Page

  • Registrations

  • Engagement

Accelerate the Legitimacy of Your Brand

Having someone else kudos your brand is highly effective and results in more conversions from customers. There is a pre-existing relationship of trust between a micro-influencer and their following that your brand can access. This opening will legitimize your brand at an accelerated rate.

For example, if you were opening a store in a specific area and wanted to gain a strong impression within that community, it would be best to infiltrate that market through a few micro-influencers who speak to those who frequent that area. You can even combine a few nano and micro-influencers to launch a successful campaign. They have access to an audience that can assist your specific needs. Using this thinking would result in more fans converting to your brand before physically entering the area and ensuring a more reliable conversion of the market, which reduces your risk of going unnoticed.

Here at Blitz, we know the value of all influencers' levels and expertly connect them with businesses to create the perfect match. If you're interested in learning more at any time, please feel free to reach out to our team at


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