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The Power Of LinkedIn and What You're Missing

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

LinkedIn is an exciting and often undervalued social media platform for most people. As a job networking website, people rarely boast about LinkedIn as the key to their success. Instead, it’s where you find coworkers, ex-coworker, bosses, ex-bosses, updating their business profile and keeping their head in the industry. Little do most people know that LinkedIn is a fantastic way to reach out to clients, especially other businesses. We will run down everything you need to know about the power of LinkedIn and how you can use the platform to benefit your business using the following steps:

  • ORGANIZE - Groups and Tagging

  • SPECIALIZE - Endorsements and Recommendations

  • CONTENT - Connect and Create Value

  • CONSISTENCY - Don’t Give Up

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ORGANIZE - Groups and Tagging

LinkedIn’s built-in networking features allow businesses to connect with other companies on a more personable basis. Groups are a fantastic feature that streamlines the process of managing your contacts. With groups, you can organize your contacts according to however you’d like, and can easily share content according to how they are categorized. Tagging is related to content you share, and segmenting content based on tags will help your contacts see information valuable to them individually. For example, if you’re a design-based business, you can connect with groups of clients based on what type of design they’d be interested in, and tag content so they will see the information that’s valuable to them, making you invaluable to them. Utilize groups and tags to connect and update your specified connections!

SPECIALIZE - Endorsements and Recommendations

Your business’s LinkedIn profile should emphasize what your brand does well. As in, your brand should excel at something. Narrow down 3 or 4 characteristics that you can confidently boast about your business that differentiates you from the others. Anyone looking at a LinkedIn profile would respect a company specializing in a few aspects instead of being great at everything. Though it can seem like addressing every possible characteristic, your client is looking for would most encourage them to reach out, being an expert at few things often proves better than being a jack of all trades. Use LinkedIn’s endorsement and recommendation feature to encourage previous or existing clients or partners to build your credibility.

CONTENT - Connect and Create Value

The best way to connect with potential clients or valuable representatives is by providing them with value. Before joining with them, look into what they prioritize and what interests them. Using this information, share your content or other’s content that may interest them. The key to reaching out is not to translate your connections into sales, but to build relationships that offer mutual value. When connecting with people, personalize your note and be upfront with what cost you can offer, and vice versa. By being both genuinely interested in who you’re connecting with and open to all types of networking opportunities, you can build a useful and valuable network.


Building out content and a valuable network takes time and effort. However, many businesses see results after putting work towards creating an effective LinkedIn; this means following up on connections, especially when starting out, and consistently sharing updates about your business and brand. It can be challenging to figure out what content is valued and how you can best capitalize on LinkedIn’s many features. Still, this effort can translate into more clients and valuable connections that build your business further. Don’t neglect LinkedIn as just another social media platform; it’s proven to have a ton to offer if used well!


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