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Account Platoed? 5 Ways to Increase Engagement

How do you stay popular on social media?

Starting and growing an audience can seem hard enough, especially when you have no pre-existing social media presence. Though that’s, it’s own problem, upkeeping a brand’s growth can be as hard! There is a mass graveyard of dead accounts that prove this issue is overwhelming in many businesses. In a saturated market, staying relevant and up-to-date with your audience can be, do or die for your business. Hitting a plateau is not a death sentence, but it is a scary sign of what’s to come, so we’ve come up with five ways to increase engagement for any business to use to boost their social media engagement.

  1. Stay on Schedule

  2. Stay on Brand

  3. Stay Relevant

  4. Stay Social

  5. Stay on Top

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Stay on Schedule

The key to growing is by staying consistent. Sounds contradictory, but the most significant thing an audience looks for before following an account is recent posts. Most social media users want to make sure that whatever account they follow is worthy of a place on their feed and their following count. If you’re on social media, you are probably familiar with exploring a social media account and noticing they have one to five posts, all posted about a year ago. Do you follow? Not likely. That business just lost another client. Who knows how many clients this business lost only by neglecting their social media? Social media can be what makes or breaks your business, even though it’s hard to see an immediate impact.

Stay on Brand

What is your brand? It’s important to hash that out before figuring out how to grow your audience. Your brand is a cohesive theme that your content and tone will follow throughout your social media accounts. You can be cool and elusive, like Gucci, or loud and abrasive, like FashionNova. Whatever you decide for your brand, make sure that it’s exciting, innovative, and captivating. Staying on a brand is even more critical for visual social media platforms like Instagram. For visual content, looking cohesive can be as easy as using the same or similar filters/colour schemes. Your social media will stay with you for its duration and will continue being relevant in client relations, content production, or promotional materials.

Stay Relevant

How can your company be relatable? There is a lot of value in trends on social media, and popular posts have more potential in hitting virality. Virality happens when the social media Gods and audiences favour your content, and if it’s relevant to what’s happening in the world. But this can be a tricky line to tread, and many companies have felt the wrath of abusing trends. Pepsi’s infamous Kendall Jenner campaign was a mistake that continues to be hard to shake off, going viral in the only way you don’t want to. In efforts to capitalize on prevalent social justice movements, they placed a millionaire model amid a vital conversation, leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. So be conscious of using trends that align with your brand, and capitalize on what’s popping off on the socials.

Stay Social

In a world where social media relationships are closer to the real thing, collaborating on social media is becoming more valuable. Supporting, encouraging, and interacting with other social media accounts in your niche can help you do the same; this works great for the algorithm as pushes content that has a lot of engagement through to other facets where potential audiences can find you. When other companies’ viewers see your company through interactions, they would be more encouraged to explore your account and follow you since you both have similar content. Think about how Kim Kardashian made the rest of the Kardashians. Interacting with your existing audience is a fantastic way to build loyalty within our brand. It creates a community within your follower base and encourages them to support your brand through changes and updates.

Stay on Top!

The best way to stay on top is to dedicate time and effort to create great content that puts you on top of your competitors. Either do what your competitors do better or do it differently. The way to success is to differentiate yourself, so audiences believe that your content is worth following. It’s tricky to pinpoint what exact qualities our content should have since it should be based on your brand and target audience.

The best method to create amazing content is to invest in professionals who will create a step-by-step plan to address your objectives, brand, and future. Contact our team at Blitz Marketing for specialized and targeted marketing that works.


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