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How to Win Social Media as a New Fashion Brand

So you want to win? Are you ready to do anything it takes? Are you willing to sacrifice everything? Well, you don't have to. We'll break down the following five brand actions to establish your brand's social media presence and accelerate your success (without the fake followers)

  1. Content

  2. Reach

  3. Interaction

  4. Promotions

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Brand Strategy:

Although social media is inherently casual, your fashion brand posts on social media should be thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing. These characteristics go for all brands on social media, but fashion, in particular, should have an account that genuinely reflects the brand visually. Before curating your content, consider your brand strategy. What do you want your brand to be? Whether it is cool and distinctive, or pretty in pink, your content should align with your brand strategy throughout your social media, website, and physical store. Creating cohesive content lets audiences interested in your niche find you, and makes your brand more trustworthy and professional.


Before producing content, consider what would be valuable for your target audience. The best value is shareable, consistent, and relevant. Instead of advertising spam, valuable content is engaged with more often and brings a higher return on investment. Establishing your fashion brand as an industry leader makes you a reliable source for all things fashion!

Highlight Product:

Though valuable content is excellent, it's essential to remember that your products are the show's star. Within the information you provide, or photos that appeal, ensure that your products are at its centre. Creeps (@creepsworldwide_) is a small fashion brand, based in Toronto, that is fantastic at social media, highlighting their products freshly and excitingly.


Social media is all about relationships and connections, authentic or otherwise. Inherently, the more followers you curate online, the bigger your reach becomes. There is no perfect math or formula to maximize the potential of your brand's account; every brand appeals to different audiences, and these audiences value different things. If your brand can identify and capitalize on your audience wants, you'll see authentic growth, which proves more valuable than insincere gains. Use some of these basic tactics to facilitate more connections and grow your account:


Replying is a simple brand action, but big or small, the best social media accounts engage with their audience on most of their posts. Your followers are encouraged to comment and engage when you respond, especially if you interact with similar industry players. By supporting fellow fashion brands, big or small, other follower bases see you're passionate about fashion, and encourage them to invest time in your brand. Your replies should reflect your brand tone while being kind and genuine! Similarly, if an account reaches out to you over social media for customer support, prioritize supporting them through whatever issue they're dealing with, and go above their expectations! Through building trust with your followers, your brand translates fans into customers.


Through Instagram stories, tweets, or captions, audiences can interact within the community you've curated within your account. By asking questions, hosting a poll, or even going Live using IGLIVE's features, you continue to build relationships and trust with your audience!

A fantastic way to invite interaction is by incorporating relevant hashtags throughout your content. This way, audiences interested in your niche can find your account and engage with your account. As a new fashion brand, consider using these tools for feedback or guidance for your products or brand design. By inviting interaction, your brand can build loyalty, fulfills your audience's needs, and maintain authenticity to your brand vision.


Encourage your audience to tag your brand if they wear your stuff on their socials! Whether the account is big or small, tagged content lets the algorithm know that your account offers value that resonates with other accounts. Also, by keeping tabs on your tags, you can feel what products are performing well on social media and focus your efforts wherever that leads you. If you see content that fits your brand strategy and works well with your feed, reposting their content (and tagging their account) is a fantastic way to encourage engagement. Plus, fashion brands' reposts give your audience insight into how your clothes can be stylized and worn!


Sales and Giveaways:

Arguably, the most challenging part of growing your social media account is getting people to follow, especially when starting. Consider what your most Instagram-able product, and hold a sale or giveaway for it! Remember that these posts will be investments for your brand, so showcase your brand to translate viewers into followers. Most social media platforms offer tools to promote your post beyond your current follower base, so use them and share your promotions as far as possible! Also, including rules that encourage people to share with their followers is a great way to further your reach and potentially go viral! 46% of brand actions that prompt customers to purchase offer promotions, meaning this is the best way to establish your presence as an industry leader and grow your brand!

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