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5 Ways to Get Clients on LinkedIn

Many people use LinkedIn as a professional networking tool to create potential employer-employee connections. But LinkedIn isn't just a hiring tool; it is also a great way to engage with potential clients and generate leads. Because of the potential for business relationships and client acquisition on LinkedIn, it is an especially useful B2B (business to business) platform.

This professional social networking site is consistently growing; two professionals sign up every second. The potential for businesses to connect and use one another's services is endless! You don't want to miss out on this opportunity to connect with other professionals who would benefit from your company's service.

Here are five ways you can get clients on LinkedIn;

  1. Start with your profile

  2. Post relevant content

  3. Join groups

  4. Make connections

  5. Follow up

Start with your profile.

Your LinkedIn profile is where people are going to get their first professional impression of you. Take full advantage of this opportunity to convey all your most valuable assets. When starting with your profile, be very clear about what you wish to express to clients. Be purposeful and use actionable language to attract leads that would use your services. Make sure to consider what sets you apart, LinkedIn has an awards section you can add to your profile. You can discuss any specific accomplishments you think gives you a dynamic edge.

Your profile is essentially like your resume. You want to leverage your professional skills to potential clients the same way you would with a potential employer. Make sure you have a professional headshot. Remember, this profile depicts you as a professional, so no pictures of you lounging on a beach in your bikini! Put your current place of work and specific job title, so people know what you can offer them. You can also add a bio that emphasizes your best professional qualities. Treat this description like a two-minute elevator pitch. Include valuable content, such as a resume and portfolio, to demonstrate your capabilities.

Post relevant content.

Being consistent and active on any social media platform is beneficial for your account; this is no less true of LinkedIn. Posting content on LinkedIn will demonstrate your skills and authority to those visiting your profile, but it also increases the number of people who see your profile. When you make a post and people can like and share it, which will filter through onto other people's profiles. The more attention your profile gets, the more possible leads you generate!

You can post an article, photo or video content on your profile. Articles can be written directly on LinkedIn, or if you have written something on another website, you can share it on your profile. LinkedIn offers an exceptional platform business with a blog called LinkedIn Pulse. Using Pulse as a publishing platform to showcase your writing allows people to search for relevant information to find your article. You can also assess how many people are seeing your content with the analytical features. Don't wait to start filling your profile consistently with content you are proud of!

Join Groups.

Similarly to Facebook, LinkedIn has communities that users can join. These groups allow users to interact with other professionals in similar industries, whether that be colleagues, classmates, professors, potential employers and clients. As a business, LinkedIn groups are a fantastic way to reach potential clients. Find other industry-related groups, and look at their members and what they do, if your business serves them, ask to join their group!

The great thing about LinkedIn is that it is a platform to create meaningful connections. Rather than overtly soliciting clients and risk coming across too aggressively, LinkedIn groups allow you to demonstrate your value. By sharing content in a group relevant to your business, you will authentically establish credibility. The merit your content provides to your group members will drive your website more prospects, creating purposeful leads.

Make meaningful connections.

It's all about who you know! The more people you network with on social media, the more leads you'll create. Start with adding all the people you know in your immediate professional circle. As your online presence increases through your LinkedIn profile, you will find mutual connections that you can add to leverage client leads.

If you are making cold client connections, make sure they are relevant. Know who exactly you are looking for, and the person in the right position before you begin reaching out. You don't want to come across as unprofessional by making meaningless connections. Be proactive about reaching out to the right people and send them a personalized invitation message. For ideas, you can check out the "People Also Viewed" sidebar on the right side of the home page where you might find potential leads based on your connections.

Follow up.

Once you connect with a potential client on LinkedIn, make sure you follow up and thank them! People like to feel appreciated, thanking them for accepting your request will begin to foster a relationship. You can also use this as an opportunity to start a conversation about something you noticed on their profile that relates to your business.

LinkedIn is a fantastic social media marketing tool. Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect directly with clients efficiently. For more tricks to get clients using this social media platform as a marketing tool, contact Blitz Marketing!


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