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  • Sorina Andresan

How To Make Influencer Marketing Work For Your Brand

Do you think influencer marketing is not moving the needle for your brand? Like any strategy, utilizing influencers goes beyond slapping a big chunk of cash on a big celebrity and seeing what sticks. Strategies that work mean they are laser-targeted for your brand’s goals, needs, and the audience you have.

It’s easy to drop hundreds of thousands of dollars on celebrities for a single post, but do you have the budget for that? If your answer is no, but you still want to see how influencer marketing works for you, this post is for you. Here’s how you can make it work for your brand and maximize every campaign.

Find The Right Influencers For Your Goals

The influencer world is filled with people making a lot of money from promoting products. But, it’s not the only way to maximize a campaign.

Instead of focusing on one or a few high-profile, high-follower accounts, think about all the micro-influencers in your space. These are typically individuals with smaller audiences (but still real fans) who will promote your products for a small fee.

And, often, they are more invested in your product. Most are newer to the scene and hungry to grow their following. That makes them more likely to promote your offerings, write reviews, and be vocal about their fandom.

Set A Budget And Maximize Your Campaign Strategy

Once you find the right mix of influential personalities, it’s time to set a budget. How much you spend on each of these people will depend on your campaign. Do you want to focus on user-generated content? Are you launching a new product and want more directed reach?

Again, your budget will depend on the specifics of what you’re trying to accomplish. You want to get as much reach and conversions as possible, so you want to add as many influencers that fit your needs.

Once you know your spending limit, it’s time to start crafting campaigns. Cultivate a relationship with them and refine your general approach to what works.

Decide On The Message You Want To Tell

Once you’ve identified the influencers you want to work with, it’s time to choose the message you want to share with their audience. When you’re working on creating these individual experiences, you want to create a feeling in your audience. Tell a story.

So, how do you capture the right message? How do you get them all on the same page when it comes to telling your story?

They need to match the product you’re selling, and you need to make sure you appeal to the right followers. Think about where your audience usually spends their time online and the type of people who use your services and products.

Set Influencers For Success

When you work with influencers, you might be tempted to give them total creative control, but that doesn’t always work. It can undermine their efforts and your message.

Instead, you want to define the overarching story you are trying to tell. Then, provide a few specific examples of the types of content you want to see. Provide spiels, messages, and even promo codes that can help them simplify how they deliver your message.

Make Influencer Marketing Work For You

Making influencer marketing work for your brand is easier than you think. There are always new ways to capitalize on how you connect with your audience. Working with the right influencers can skyrocket your visibility.

Don’t know where to start? Consider implementing these simple tips to expand your brand reach and maximize how influencer marketing can help you.


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