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  • Sorina Andresan

How Employee Influencers Can Be The Key To Building Brand Buzz

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Among the many influencers you can hire, one of the best advocates you can have for your brand is in your company. We’re talking about employees who can build the right buzz for your products and services.

Having your staff spread information about your offerings can help improve your sales output and make the best of your customer experience. Here’s how you build brand buzz by utilizing employee influencers.

Define The Brand To Your Employees

If you want your employees to become evangelists, you must show them how valuable and influential they are. This is part of why you must define and fine-tune the brand promises for your company. Your employees should know what you expect from them.

See, brands have real tangible benefits. They benefit customers, which should translate to benefits for employees and stakeholders. However, your employees must be professionally trained to deliver these benefits in a way that resonates with your customer.

Tapping into your employees' knowledge can boost your marketing and help you promote loyalty programs. Having employees on board with marketing campaigns makes you more likely to find your messages resonating with your target audience.

Make Your Message Clear

Getting your message across to the people who matter most to the success of your business involves being clear and consistent. Your message should be about having a conversation with your prospects.

When speaking with your customers, you need to be specific and sincere in your approach. Never make vague claims and assertions. Address their concerns and not their opinions.

Create An On-Boarding Process That Educates Your Team

Your company’s hiring practices should be geared towards finding people who understand and appreciate the goals behind creating brand awareness. These individuals should feel passionate about ensuring everyone understands what the company offers.

Once hired, you can help your team members understand how powerful they can be as brand ambassadors and sales agents. You can equip them with the right tools and educate them on the dos and don'ts of branding. Let them feel valued right away.

Reward Your Top Performers

Aside from training, your efforts should also involve recognizing high-performing team members. Every team member should feel appreciated, but how you create recognition should depend on their contributions to the organization.

By giving rewards, you reward them for their hard work, which tells them they can achieve even better results in the future. Rewards can be anything from bonuses to gift cards. The idea is to make them feel like they made a difference and that you appreciate their efforts.

Evaluate And Adjust The Campaign

You need to monitor the results of any campaign and make changes accordingly. The same goes for your internal campaigns. When you talk to the people inside your organization, you get to learn about the feedback you're getting and what you can improve on.

Sometimes, your message may not resonate well with your audience. Other times, you may find that your efforts in your communications aren’t paying off.

It pays to track and evaluate the performance of your campaign. You want to consider consumers' interests and align your campaigns with their buying preferences.

Build Your Brand With Your Employee Influencers Now

Employee engagement is key to making the most out of your marketing efforts. Bringing them in, you help drive your sales and marketing efforts without costing extra. Using your employee influencers to build buzz can help you quickly expand your outreach.


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