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Are Nano Influencers Worth It?

Nano influencers - what are they? Not quite micro and not macro. Their follower range is 1000-5000. These individuals are leaders of niche markets. In the case of influencers, bigger isn’t always better. Remember when Instagram removed likes from the feed?

Now more than ever, value is indicated to brands and investors from engagement rates compared to followers. An influencer with 2,500 followers holds possibilities for your business that you just can’t achieve with a celebrity or industry leaders.

Blitz Talent @maia_windsor

Below I have shared the seven facts this article exposes that describes why nano influencers are worth it and are guaranteed to gain the right exposure for your brand.

  1. Nano’s Have Powerful Influence

  2. There’s a Higher Value Offer

  3. Extremely Engaged Communities Start Here

  4. Your Business Can Create a Relevant Content For Niche Markets

  5. The World of Nano Influencer’s is Uncontested Space

  6. Your Budget Will Thank You

  7. There’s Room For Growth

Powerful Influence

Your brand can access authentic and powerful audiences listening to every word and recommendation of a single influencer. They trust their influencer and have a pre-determined relationship and rapport. Nano influencers have a substantial effect on their followers because their community is a smaller eco-system of devoted fans. Nano influencers know their audience better than more significant influencers. They reply to comments, and dm’s more than an influencer with a more considerable following could, which makes their followers feel appreciated, and this will translate to your brand. Think of it as your business is an honorary member of a very exclusive club.

Greater Value Offer

Nano influencers create small communities of dedicated and likeminded individuals. They have a niche focus, thinking “Niagara wines” or “Georgian Bay Bass Fishing”; therefore, this kind of influencer has a deep connection with their audience. Their online community is vibrant with value for your brand. A focused market makes it easier to create a campaign because you know what the followers love. Better yet, a nano influencer knows what their followers respond to content-wise immediately. Together you’ll be a dynamic duo.

More Engagement

Due to the tight-knit environment of these nano communities, there is greater engagement between users, content, and influencer. Having between 1000-5000 followers on Instagram means you should have an average engagement rate of between 5.3 and 7.2. As followers grow, engagement rates decline; this means nano influencers offer a unique opportunity for your brand to build a dedicated audience with reliable purchasing power. You will see better engagement rates and more interaction with your brand.

Alvento Fall 2020 Campaign @Camille_ttw

Specific & Relevant Content

The audiences that listen to nano influencers are particular, and working with one can attach you to a niche market that is hard to penetrate without assistance from a community leader. Their specific interests will make it easier to create targeted ads or content to resonate with the community. The influencer will have a deep understanding of how to connect with their audience. It can take your brand or product and seamlessly integrate it into the consciousness of followers, resulting in greater brand awareness for you.

Uncontested Space

There are fewer forward-thinking businesses seeing nano influencers as the golden geese that they are. Your company can benefit from this oversight and find collaborations that others aren’t thinking of yet. More often than not, you can find a nano influencer that is not endorsed by another brand. Your brand has the opportunity to work with less competitor strain hindering your success. Being one of the few businesses in the industry occupying a strategy means you can stand out. The followers of nano influencers will choose you because you engrossed their feeds and bothered to come to where the profit is.


Nano influencers usually haven’t worked with many brands, if any, before. They are highly enthusiastic about promoting something they believe in wholeheartedly. If you choose the right influencer, you can develop a genuine relationship that shines through to their followers. They will be excited to collaborate for the first time and be satisfied with giveaways and smaller monetary deals, which can save your business on costs.

Think about if you had a product that retails for $1200, the actual cost of production is $650. It would have a perceived value of the retail price when gifting it to your influencer, but your company would be saving you $550 on promotion costs. On top of this, when their followers begin purchasing, you will make that retail price on all sales.

It’s a win on all levels. You can even afford more nano influencers versus endorsing one macro influencer, meaning you can infiltrate multiple avenues of audiences to gain brand awareness.

Room For Growth!

There is an opportunity to maintain and grow that relationship if you build a strong relationship with your chosen nano influencer. As they develop into a micro-influencer, they will offer more customers to convert to your brand. You can also work out being an ambassador for your brand if you have a strong enough relationship or do enough campaigns together. Since nano influencers are beginning their journey in the influencer world, you can develop together and grow from a mutual standpoint that fosters profit and larger audiences.

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