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How Influencer Marketing Can Boost Your ROI Today

If you’re not capitalizing on Influencer Marketing, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to increase your brand awareness and your engagement game.

Today Instagram is the most important platform for both businesses and brands. With the right marketing techniques, Influencer Marketing opens the flood gate of opportunities to acquire and interact with the right audience.

But Who Is an Influencer?

An influencer is a social presence who presents themselves to a particular niche and energetically engage with their audience. They have a strong online presence because their followers value the influencer’s opinions and thoughts.

Essentially, influencers are real people who are often seen as friends online. Because the audience think it’s easier to connect to the influencers’ lives, this audience create a desire to emulate and buy into this lifestyle - opposed to glamourous ads. This is why an influencer’s audience size is important but also if it’s the right kind.

Then Why Is Influencer Marketing so Effective?

Word of mouth.

You’ve probably asked someone from your circle for their opinion about a product. If they gave you a negative review, you probably became more hesitant to buy it. But if they gave you stellar feedback, you may have felt more determined to make that purchase. Studies show that word of mouth advertising generates double the amount of sales. That’s why the compounding effect influencers have is very powerful.

We can elaborate on how your target audience will trust a friend’s recommendation over a brand who is just trying to “sell” to them. Essentially, influencers are removed from traditional marketing. They create a more personalized marketing effect to their community.

Ways influencer marketing can help your business grow:

1. Increase in leads and conversions: When influencers mention your business, they are giving an endorsement. This tells their audience that you provide quality service. By creating awareness, it leads more people to check what’s going on your site and now you can take this opportunity to convert these leads into sales.

2. Credibility: Since the influencers are already trusted, they get their audience to trust you. By having this connection, it shows consumers that you are a trusted business because a credible influencer is recommending your company.

How We Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Let’s help you find quality fans for your brand. We understand the opportunities that brands can unlock when partnering with the right influencers. That’s why our influencer Campaign service is designed to create and maximize these relationships for you.

Our analysis goes beyond shares and likes. Our goal for you is to identify all levels of engagement across the costumer journey and accurately attribute an influencer’s contribution to a sale.

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