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What's Trending on Social Media for Alcohol Brands

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Alcohol is a blast, but marketing alcohol brands can be a stressful and challenging task. With many restrictions on how and where alcohol is advertised, alcohol brands can dominate social media have been able to lock on key marketing strategies that have boosted sales and raised overall brand awareness:

  1. Celebrity Marketing

  2. Influencer Marketing

  3. Content Marketing

We will break down how three different alcohol brands have utilized social media with all different focuses. And how to implement these tactics to explode your brand and become an industry leader. The best way to ensure your success? Entrust your brand to Blitz Marketing, the leading experts in social media, influencer, and digital marketing. We handle every aspect of your marketing, and use our trusted network of influencers and experts alike to boost your brand!

Celebrity Marketing

Ryan Reynolds, amiright? Celebrities endorsing or starting their alcohol brands have taken the alcohol market by storm. From Drake's Virginia Black to Matthew McConaughey's Longbranch, celebrity marketing in alcohol has proven to do wonders. Working as ambassadors for the brand, celebrities become synonymous with the alcohol. It's a fantastic way to capitalize on existing success to catapult your brand through casual mentions on social media or to be the face on all promotions. However, this does come with risks, as your brand's entire reputation hinges on the celebrity's reputation. Not to mention, stars do not come cheap, so use your marketing budget wisely and consider influencer marketing.

Influencer Marketing

You don't need a celebrity and millions in your pocket to advertise your brand! Influencer marketing is trending and becoming the go-to option for most businesses' marketing strategies! Influencer marketing is perfect for alcohol brands because most social media users rely on online recommendations before buying the product. Alcohol is very much a lifestyle product, and who's better than selling a lifestyle product online, than who make a living sharing their lifestyle online? With influencers, you can hone in on your target demographic easily and capitalize on the trust the influencer's built with their audience!

Content Marketing

Content marketing works wonders if you create and execute content with value. Absolut Vodka is a fantastic example of how brands promote their product through unconventional methods that both boost brand awareness and sales. By producing branded content, their audience is inclined to share, brands can reach wider audiences, usually within their target demographic. Absolut hosts a series of videos explaining how to make fancy cocktails using their vodka. These videos direct viewers to other channels, like their Youtube and website, thus keeping audiences on their brand's platform longer. It is crucial to ensure that you're providing value because there is no point in pouring money into production for content that goes nowhere. Our team at Blitz Marketing specializes in creating valuable and trending content and handles every step in your social media, influencer, and digital marketing strategy.


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