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  • Sorina Andresan

Influencer PR vs Influencer Marketing: What's The Difference?

Many people, including those within the industry, sometimes find it hard to differentiate between influencer PR and influencer marketing. It doesn’t help that the advent of social media started blurring the lines even further. Regardless, there’s a clear difference between the two.

Influencer PR and marketing work well together, and knowing the difference can help you create distinct tactics. These will help you achieve your goals while maximizing the value of your collaborations. Here are some differences that can give you the edge you need.

Understanding Public Relations Vs. Marketing

Before we tack on the “influencer” part, let’s understand the difference between PR and marketing. As the name implies, public relations (PR) is all about building and maintaining relationships with the public.

An organization’s image and reputation are, in many ways, defined by the type of relationships they build with its audience. Good public relations is about knowing your audience and what they expect from you.

On the other hand, marketing is building awareness about a product, service, or brand. It revolves around how you can attract, convert, and retain customers. The main difference between the approaches is that one is relationship-oriented, while the other is goal-driven.

The key takeaway is that if you’re working with influencers, your approach will significantly depend on what you want to achieve.

Influencer PR: More About You Than What You Can Give

The primary goal of utilizing an influencer PR strategy is to position your brand favorably with the help of influencers. With that in mind, your campaigns should focus on how you will give back to the audience.

You can show people why they should care about you with good content and the right creator. Aside from this, a good PR firm will prioritize your partnership with your consumers and collaborations.

As you engage with your audience, spend time learning about them first. Learn what they care about, what they hate, and what they’re looking for in your product or service. This will dictate the types of influencers that you work with. Additionally, your communication needs to be authentic, not scripted.

This approach can build trust and loyalty between your business and your consumer. It also helps you understand what information you should share.

Influencer Marketing: Focused On What You Can Offer

Unlike influencer PR strategies, the goal of influencer marketing is about making yourself relevant. As part of your marketing strategy, you should promote yourself to your consumers and show them why they should choose you. You can drum up more interest in your offerings with a good influencer partner.

A good marketer will recognize that, without exciting content or products, there’s no point in communicating with anyone. Your message should revolve around what you can offer. This is where you can include information about new products, events, or sales.

Pick The Right Influencer Strategy For Your Business

Influencer PR and influencer marketing go hand-in-hand with each other. With a clear understanding of the differences between these two, it’s easy to see how they complement each other’s strategies. Consider your goals first and work with the right influencers regardless of your pick.


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