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Five Facts About Influencer Marketing That Will Make You Think Twice

Marketers are finding that audiences and customers have a distrust of traditional advertising.

In fact, 84% of millennials do not trust traditional advertising.

Individuals crave a genuine connection towards a product and how it is branded to them. This is where influencer marketing comes in at an incredibly successful rate. This article focuses on five surprising facts about the value of influencer marketing and how a business can increase their profit!

  1. Influencers are the Go-to for Advice on Purchases

  2. Authenticity is in Demand

  3. The ROI Comes in Stronger

  4. Influencers Cut Down on Audience Research for You

  5. There Are So Many Niches!

1. Influencers Are The Go-To For Advice On Purchases

Your customers are making purchases based off of influencers posts. Influencers have nearly the same power as their own friends. Word of mouth has morphed into a broader landscape where the virtual connections made between consumer and influencer creates friendly trust.

Instead of having to believe that a brand is reputable based on their own awareness campaigns, consumers rely heavily on hearing others' experiences. If someone else they respect likes it then they will too. This logic gives extreme power to influencers and by proxy, to you.

2. Authenticity Is In Demand

There is a reason personalization is one of the top 2020 marketing trends*. People are done with generic or cheesy attempts to get them to make a purchase. Thanks to the internet and people doing more research for themselves, audiences do not rely on what brands say for themselves.

Instead, individuals care about what their peers are saying and how they’re using a product or interacting with a brand. A consumer doesn’t need to hear how a specific brand of shoe will change their life. They need to see that particular sneaker incorporated into the lives of those around them. They need to see that there is true value in owning it.

3. The ROI Comes In Stronger

Because companies need to set very specific measurables and KPI’s (key performance indicators) when determining their goals for influencer campaigns, studying ROI’s (return on investment) of the campaigns has proven that influencer marketing brings in the bait.

Many companies find their ROI is comparable or better than that of other marketing techniques*. Since it is structured around the needs of your organization and the goals of the campaign, that specificity offers greater chances at achieving your targets.

4. Influencers Cut Down On Audience Research For You

If we think about it for a moment, influencers are creating thousands of posts and videos for their specific audience. They know this group better than anyone. They have expertise on how their audience will respond. They have been through the trials of testing what works and identifies with their followers and what does not.

They can be counted on to care about how the audience perceives them and their sponsorship which is a major positive for brands looking to make impactful, quality promotions.

5. There Are So Many Niches!

There is so much variety among influencers in terms of what kind of influencer they are to what their focus is as a personal brand. These folks can be targeting lifestyle, fashion, beauty, food, wine, and so much more. There is a plethora of opportunity in knowing who a big name is and who is up and coming on a variety of subjects.

People relate to influencers because they feel a connection there that is easier to create than with a corporation or brand. Influencer videos, blogs, and posts personalize and ease products onto their viewers' lives without followers becoming overloaded with content that they can’t visualize in their lifestyle.

There is so much more to this industry than there appears to be at first glance. The concept that experts make it look easy is certainly relevant here. Effortless campaigns or promotions tend to require a great deal of prep and strategy.

That is why followers and fans respect strong influencer collaborations. If you are ever looking to start your path into influencer marketing, feel free to get in touch with our team at any time!


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