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Struggles Only People in Influencer Marketing Industry Will Understand!

Recently the digital marketing industry has blown up with influencers and influencer marketing. It has expanded and is growing which means the amount of people working within influencer marketing has grown too.

Sometimes it may feel like you are living on an alternate planet to people who have no idea about the potential that lies within influencer marketing. Other times, you meet a brand that has experienced first hand the power of a successful influencer marketing campaign. In this article we talk about these seven common struggles of people entering into the industry experience:

  1. Where Do You Begin?

  2. People Questioning The Stability of Influencer Marketing

  3. Staying Ahead of The Trends

  4. Choosing the Right Influencer

  5. Finding Relevant Content

  6. Missing the Target Group

  7. Tracking Success Properly

Where Do You Begin? Here’s the thing, influencer marketing is still a new concept to many people and companies, despite its prevalence and success as a marketing strategy. It can be daunting figuring out where to begin in a space that is still developing. This also offers an opportunity, however, to go above and beyond. This is the space to think beyond normal standards (think Cheetohs and New York Fashion Week).

People Questioning The Stability Of Influencer Marketing No one likes being asked if they have a backup plan, and it certainly does not feel great to be asked if the thing you are dedicating your life to is “even legit”. Obviously, those are the same people who are still wondering if the internet is here to stay. Of course, it is. We know this because we see the impact. We track it and relish being ahead of the game. 17% of companies spend over half of their marketing budget on influencers. No one means any harm they just need to see it happen. That is what we are here for, feel free to contact us at any time and our experts would be happy to help!

Staying Ahead Of The Trends Staying up to date on every industry trend can be daunting, especially to those just starting out. The key is to do your research. Make sure you are on all the socials and keeping up with who is growing and what styles or aesthetics different audiences enjoy. This background information is like a spice in the secret sauce of influencer marketing. It’s time for you to be where the action is.

Choosing The Right Influencer This is a big one. This is where your expertise comes in at full force. When putting together a team of these brilliant individuals, you need to ensure they are the personalities you want to be associated with your own business and brand. The vetting process should take some time.

Not only for this reason, but to also discover the influencer’s fan base, who their audience is as consumers, and how aligned this influencer’s content is with the products you are going after. At Blitz, we use proprietary software to analyze the effectiveness of an influencer for a brand.

Finding Relevant Content Being the matchmaker between influencer and product can get convoluted when you are searching for a product to resonate with what your company is all about. Anything from looking for local creators to searching for women-led companies all factors into the chase.

It can be disheartening to not find the right leads or being rejected by some you have your heart set on. The key is to not give up. Our negotiation rounds are intense and require experts around the clock to get our clients the best content.

Missing The Target Group There’s nothing worse than the feeling of not quite achieving the success you are expecting. Sometimes things fall through. Despite meticulous planning and reasonable matching, maybe the campaign misses your expected audience or does not achieve the level of awareness desired. As we know, however, you cannot always win and so we learn from mistakes, remember for the next time, and do better. Every. Single. Time.

Tracking Success Properly There are a few avenues for tracking success, and it is extremely important to decide exactly what you need to track, if not, you find yourself at a loss of knowing exactly where your success and failures are. Creating clear KPI’s is essential to beginning your work. Before you begin strategizing you need a clear mission for your campaigns to ensure you can place decisive and transparent goals. At Blitz, we have an in-depth strategy consultation for our clients where we curate the perfect campaign based on our experience. (Bonus Shared Success!) Feeling That Excitement When Your Campaign Takes Off! How great is it to see your finished work resonating with audiences? Yeah, that’s what I thought; it is unbelievable. After all the work, the sweating, the nerves, here it is. The finished product. The best part is you can say, “I did that. I made that happen”. The connection you created is authentic and unmatchable...until next time that is.

A great example of a successful and adorable campaign is when Dyson partnered with dog influencers to promote their vacuums. It was an inventive way to target a large market of potential users through a shared struggle that is pet hair. One of the Influencers, manny_the_frenchie is pictured below:

Here at Blitz, we understand the importance of a cohesive, relatable, and effective campaign. Our expert team matches the influencers to the audience by utilizing creative strategies. Feel free to connect with us at at any point if you are interested in making a perfect match!


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