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  • Sorina Andresan

5 Ways To Use the Power of Influencer Marketing to Promote Your App

As a mobile app developer, growing your user base and improving conversions is a priority. Influencer marketing is among the most effective strategies, utilizing well-known names to help improve visibility.

Influencer marketing can help build up your mobile app and put it closer to the grasp of the people that need it. Here are five ways how you can use influencer marketing to promote your app.

1. Use Micro-Influencers For Sponsored Content

Micro-influencers are users that have a smaller following than full-fledged influencers, usually around 5,000 to 50,000 followers. Because of their smaller following, micro-influencers have a smaller reach but still tend to have a more authentic voice.

Since micro-influencers tend to have a smaller following, they are usually easier to work with, especially in sponsored content. They are more likely to respond quickly to emails and work with brands on a more regular basis.

Sponsored content can be anything like a post or even a video of the influencer using the app. When doing sponsored content, ensure that their audience is within the market segment you need.

2. Connect With Influencers For Discount Codes

Another way to connect with influencers is by providing them discount codes or giveaways. Influencers are more likely to promote your product if they know that their audience will benefit from it.

Influencers can help drive a lot more downloads to your mobile app. You can utilize this strategy by connecting with influencers and offering them discount codes for app downloads. The influencer then posts the content on their social media or blogs, which drives app downloads.

3. Use Influencers To Create Content For Your App

Since influencers have an audience that trusts their recommendations, they are much more likely to be receptive to promoting your app.

One way to approach influencers for content creation is to send samples of your app and ask them to review it. This content can either be a video or an article on the influencer’s website, social media, blogs, or YouTube channel.

Influencers help provide a more credible voice for your mobile app and make it easier to market your product. They can help drive many more downloads to your mobile app, especially when you are just starting.

4. Connect With Influencers To Create Content Around New Features

Another way to connect with influencers is by creating content around new app features. For example, if your app has just released a new feature, you can reach out to relevant influencers and ask them to talk about your app and feature.

Since influencers already have an existing relationship with their audience, they are more likely to talk about your app and feature.

5. Use Influencers For Cross-Promotions

Cross-promotions are a great way to convert your influencers into customers. You can collaborate with influencers and offer them discounts or freebies or collaborate with them to create content for your mobile app.

Cross-promoting your mobile app can help drive a lot of downloads, especially when done by influencers. You can reach out to influencers and ask them to talk about your app and then cross-promoting it on the influencer’s social media, blog, or website.

Promote Your App With Influencers Today

Influencer marketing can help drive a lot of downloads to your mobile app. Influencers are already trusted by their audience, and talking about your mobile app enables you to reach a larger audience.

The tips above can help you utilize influencer marketing effectively to promote your app. If you don’t know how to do it, work with an influencer marketing firm that can help you get started today.


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