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Influencer marketing operates like word of mouth but on a global scale. We harness our collective intelligence, creative power and authentic relationships to socially supercharge your brand. We source, vet, secure and manage custom talent to accelerate each campaign's creative vision. 


Authenticity is the global currency that we spend to amplify your brand.

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Finding talented people who not only give you their time but also their energy towards your vision is hard enough. Blitz does all that but also knows how to follow through on things they say they’re going to do, a quality that is rare having worked with many firms before. Blitz’s team will ALWAYS go above and beyond for your goals, and you can count on that.

Rohan Kumar - CEO of Zenergy

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We build a movement around your brand. Our influencers are industry leaders who have the power to catapult your brand into the hands of millions.

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We are authentic social connectors obsessed with curating cutting-edge influencer marketing campaigns that go the extra mile.

If we were your uber driver we’d have a 5 star rating.

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As trendsetters, innovators and disruptors we are EXPERTS in what’s trending, who’s trending and when it’s trending!