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Tools To Use To Organically Grow A Business On Social Media

Those blog posts titled “gain 1000 followers in one day” are a waste of time. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Gone are the days you fall for bloggers benefitting from tricking you. Although gaining a huge amount of followers in a single day is not realistic, it is possible to grow in followers over time. You can spend months posting great content and not see a big change in your following count, this is because great content is no longer enough on its own. Let's talk about some tips and tricks on how to get your account noticed!.


Here is an easy way to think about it, imagine the person liking or commenting on your post is a customer who has just walked into your business off the street. Would you ignore them? No, you would greet them kindly. It can be easy to feel disconnected with people via cyberspace, however giving your potential customers a comment back or liking their posts can help break down that wall. Your socials can be a way of showing off your brand's personality, which is oftentimes the soul reason consumers buy from somewhere. You can have an amazing product but it won’t matter as much if it isn’t paired with a well respected “image”.


In the current “cancel culture” that we live in, it is incredibly important to establish brand loyalty if you wish to keep building your social media presence. Loyalty is your assurance that consumers aren’t going to be following you one day and blocking your account the next. What you need is to understand your audience, really figure out what makes them passionate and dive into that. This is also where you make sure your content is appropriate for whatever is going on in the world, staying relevant will keep your followers happy and they will respect you for it (respect often equals loyalty).


Since you are currently reading this article, you are already on the right track. Research everything, if not everyday because you don’t have the time, then at least once a week. Hashtags, best times to post, trends, these are all things that can be ever changing so make sure you are always up to date. One other thing to research is your competitors' social accounts, the saying “keep your friends close but your enemies closer” wasn’t invented for no reason. Your conception is aiming to teach the same audience, maybe they’re doing something great that you need to hop on or maybe they’re doing something horrible you need to avoid. Research needs to be the starting point to any content you post.


When we say “organic” we mean free, so in terms of influencers we are looking at ones who will accept gifted collaborations. There are a ton out there, you just have to find them. Having influencers post your product and tag you in these posts is huge for growing your following.

Avoiding Bots And Spam Accounts

The internet is flooded with bot and spam accounts, this makes translating followers into actual engagement a little tricky. A way to combat this is to be conscious about who is following you, click on their profile and if you see they have very low followers and are following thousands of people (you can then block that account because it is most likely a bot account).

Social media is not a “get quick rich” scheme, it is a long term investment. Trust in the process and remember not to base your progress off of anyone else's, if you put in the work then your following account will gradually grow. If you want followers who actually care about your brand then patience is key.


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