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The Reasons Behind App Succession

You’ve got the idea, and you’ve got the tools you need to build it, now what? In a world where new ideas are a dime a dozen, a great idea is only gonna get you so far. This is where marketing comes into play. Like any other industry, there are a ton of marketing tools and options out there, for something such as an app where brand awareness is crucial you may find yourself diving into the world of influencer marketing. Not a “new” technique but a fast and aggressively growing technique. Let’s do a deeper dive into the reasons behind the success of apps and potentially the “failure” of others.

  • Quality

It would be naive of anyone to think that quality is not a reason behind an app's succession or failure. Getting people to download the app is one thing, getting them to keep the app and continually use it is another. Make sure to never “rush” the process, it can get very exciting to launch a great idea but don’t allow that excitement to get you to cut corners because it will inevitably lead to failure. Slow and steady wins the race, remember?

  • Word Of Mouth

The previously mentioned “influencer marketing” truly comes into play here. Not only does it allow you to get your app in front a big audience but when you choose the right influencers you are getting in front of your key target market. These are the people who are not only going to be talking about your app, they are also going to be downloading it on the spot.

  • Other Apps

Given that apps are meant to be used via cell phones it should come as no surprise that other apps (such as social media) are the greatest way to market them. Instead of seeing a product and having to go online and order it or even drive to the store and get it, you simply swipe to the app store and click download. The total time elapsed between getting the app and getting back to Instagram is probably 2 minutes. You know the person is already on their phone when seeing the influencer's posts, you can never have the influencer mention how easy it is to download!

To sum it up for everyone, a good quality app combined with the help of influencer marketing and promoting via other apps is what we can equate to the success of many apps too.


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