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The Power of Nano Influencers for your Restaurant

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

The term, ‘nano influencers’ doesn’t sound like it packs the punch it needs to impact your restaurant, but big things come in small packages. Or should I say many small packages? Nano influencers are personable, engage locally, and are perfect for any restaurant looking to boost clientele and brand awareness. We’ll run through all the reasons nano influencers can be a powerful tool for your restaurant:

  1. Engagement

  2. Local

  3. Promotions

  4. Tastings

  5. Contests

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The best thing a nano-influencer has going for them is their ability to engage. Nano influencers brag the highest engagement rate on average compared to their bigger competitors. With 7.2% engagement, investing in many smaller influencers can prove to be very valuable. Their commitment is so high in comparison because they’ve been able to curate a loyal following within a close-knit community, which allows them to highlight sponsors authentically.


As a restaurant, engagement in Egypt won’t be valuable if you’re in New York City. The likes, comments, shares, and boosts in engagement help, but the algorithm often shares local accounts with local audiences anyway. Focus on engaging people in your area for your restaurant. Nano influencers are fantastic at engaging local audiences, especially if they make their location part of their identity online. Look for nano influencers that highlight their city. Though they may be small, within a localized community, they can have significant influence! If 1,000 to 10,000 people in your town see your restaurant tagged on a social media account they trust, your marketing efforts can translate directly into a boost in sales. Springbone Kitchen has grown their social media following to 10k by reaching out to influencers and offering them tastings. Just by being tagged, Springbone has managed to accumulate a steady clientele that grows by 5% every day. Implement similar tactics to improve your restaurant’s sales and social media presence!


Events can launch your restaurant to new heights, especially if you capitalize on the nano influencers in your area! Here are a few of the kinds of activities you can hold to push your social media accounts and improve overall awareness and sales.


Everyone loves a good deal! Holding a promotional event may not make as much capital as you’d hope the day of, but it can prove to be more than worth it. Sweet Green expanded their reach, promoted their restaurant, and boosted their follower count, by holding a fantastic promotional offer. They take it a step further, encouraging nano influencers to repost their great deal, and setting conditions to tag friends and family. By offering promotions and using nano influencers, you make your restaurant super accessible to a broader audience. People who love it will pay full price, especially if your food is worth it.


Whenever you see an opportunity to promote your restaurant, whether it is part of a promotion, a topical event, or offering a new dish on the menu, use it to invite nano influencers for a tasting. Tastings lead to nano-influencers posting about your restaurant to provide them with free experience at your restaurant. Financial compensation usually doesn’t take place for tastings, especially with smaller influencers, so this is a fantastic way to share news about your restaurant at little cost to you! However, nano influencers pride themselves in authenticity, so your dishes will only receive rave reviews if deserving. Ensure your food aligns with their lifestyle, i.e., don’t invite a vegan to a meat-focused barbecue!


Contests are a fantastic way to engage the public and nano influencers alike. Whether it be an eating contest, or build the best pizza event, inviting several nano influencers can bring in publicity and brand awareness! Audiences, in real life and online, will get a feel of your restaurant’s personality, and how you contribute to your city. People are always looking for exciting new things to attend, so get as creative as possible and incorporate your brand throughout. Smoke’s Poutinerie, based in Canada, holds an annual World Poutine Eating Championship that gets tons of press coverage and boosts its brand awareness. No event is too silly, as long as you ensure it is accessible, invite relevant nano influencers, and highlight your restaurant throughout!


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