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Get More Customers For Your Restaurant Using Social Media

Social media is an essential advertising tool for any business. But have you ever been on the Instagram food page? It is probably the most triggering, craving inducing section on the internet. If you aren't using this social media platform to tempt customers to come and indulge themselves with your food services, you are missing out on the most effective strategy to attract customers.

It doesn't matter whether you are a 5 Michelin Star or a family-run restaurant, 75% of people have purchased a product because they say it on social media and customer experience reviews and comments impact 88% of people.* Restaurants need to use a social media business profile as a tool to attract new customers. Here are ways to get more customers to your restaurant using social media;

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Delicious Photos

  • Reshare Customer Posts

  • Respond to Reviews in Comments

  • Contests

Influencer Marketing

People love to gain insider knowledge of the people they idolize, including where they go and what they eat. Why? Because it makes them feel cool! Influencers have significant authority over their audience. Their followers want to keep up with their life and the kinds of places they go to; this serves you as a restaurant owner because an influencer's attractive post about your restaurant will spark awareness and conversation.

As an influencer posts about your business and it gains attention, so will people's intrigue in your restaurant. Whether you are known for your food or the vibe, influencers have a knack for making whatever they do seem like the best time. The way an influencer can portray the experience they had at your restaurant will put your name at the top of their followers' minds the next time they're planning a date night.

Influencers also have credibility within a particular niche. This credibility can be leveraged to market your business by selecting the right influencer for your campaign. For example, if you are a vegan restaurant, you may choose a vegan lifestyle influencer to promote your food. Selecting the right influencer for your campaign is crucial. Blitz Marketing can help pair you with someone who will have people dying to get a reservation!

Delicious Photos

Food photography is a skill that, when mastered, can entice a lot of potential customers. Professional content is always crucial, but in regards to food, this is especially true. Restaurants need to promote the best pictures of the dishes that they have because people will make their decision based on how appealing the photos online look.

Restaurants have so much opportunity on social media because no matter the scale of your business, consistent, delicious-looking food posts can bring your business tons of attention. A great Toronto based example of the power of quality photos is Sugo Restaurant. Sugo is a classic, small Italian restaurant that blew up from their Instagram photos of their mouthwatering mounds of pasts. This restaurant also mastered their use of hashtags!

Re-share Customer Posts

Customers organically posting about your brand is a fantastic way to spread brand awareness. Restaurants have a considerable advantage with organic content because people love sharing their fun experiences online. Ensure your restaurant is actively keeping track of who is posting photos or videos of your business, and repost these posts on your story. You should be proud that people are enjoying and re-sharing their experience and show this off!

You can find people who have posted about your restaurant by either searching for the location or hashtag of your company name. The more people who share your content, the more users' explore feeds your content will appear on. Re-sharing these posts on your profile ensure that you are frequently posting, which will also bring more attention to your profile. Once you get users seeing at your delicious-looking content, they won't be able to resist coming in for a meal.

Respond to Reviews in Comments

People love to be engaged by companies they have posted about on social media because it makes them feel as though they have a relationship. Comments are an excellent opportunity to manage both good and bad reviews on social media. Your restaurant is more likely to gain new customers if they see people commenting on your profile about positive experiences. Additionally, the people leaving the comments are twice as likely to return if you respond to their reviews showing appreciation.

The comment section on social media is a great place to manage positive feedback. It is also a great way to maintain the company's reputation. If people leave any negative comments about their experience at your restaurant, you should immediately respond to them. A prompt response shows the customer your dedication to customer service. Your attentiveness will also stand out to potential customers visiting your profile.


Contests are a fantastic way to engage social media users and get new customers in your door. Who doesn't love free stuff? Your prizes can be as much as a gift card to the restaurant. People are more inclined to follow your page and like if they have a chance to gain something from it.

Restaurants will run a contest where users can follow the page, like, or comment on the post to win a gift to your restaurant. This kind of raffle engages your followers, but it will also promote new followers on your page. When people see that your social media is growing, they will be more curious to come in and try it for themselves!


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