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Macro, Micro, Nano influencers: Which is Better?

This is becoming a question asked by many and it is a great one to be asking. Influencers are taking the world by storm but they aren’t all considered “equal”. There are those with hundreds of thousands of followers who have turned influencing into their careers and then there are those with only three thousand followers who have adapted influencing as a sort of side hustle. Understanding the difference in nano, micro and macro influencers can save you a lot when it comes to your budget. Let us help you better understand the hierarchy of influencers.

  • Understanding Nanos

Nano influencers have a range of 2K-10K followers. Some of these people won’t even be “professional” influencers yet or if they are, they are fairly new to the game meaning their costs per post are very low (a lot of nano influencers accept gifted campaigns). Do not let the lower following count fool you though, studies aren’t starting to show that nano influencers may give you a better run for your money compared to micro and macro influencers. Their following is small but they are loyal and the engagement rates can be through the charts so if your end objective is sales, you want that engagement.

  • Understanding Micros

The range here goes from 10K-20K. Micros are not meant to be treated like the middle child, they can offer a decent range for brand awareness and can still maintain engagement. Unless a micro influencer is genuinely passionate about a product it is on the rare side for them to do gifted collaborations, this is where a budget needs to come into play. These people have been influencers for longer than nanos which can be a plus because if you scroll their feed you will see examples of their “work” and that can come into play when deciding if they are a fit for your brand.

  • Understanding Macros

This is where we start seeing the big following counts with the range sitting at 20K-Infinity. Macros are huge for brand awareness because it is inevitable that your product will be seen by a lot of people after the influencers post. The influencer market has gotten so popular that macros are where you might start dealing with “managers'' and media kits. You should already be going into this with a decent budget, however do not pay anything outrageous for one post because you can probably find cheaper (it will just take time and a lot of emails). Once again macros have the same plus as macros in the sense they will have a lot of examples of their “work” on their page, helping you decide how much they should be compensated.

Using a range of all influencers is your best bet, especially budget wise but depending on what your end goal is you may want more of one category over the others. It’s all about knowing what is best suited for your wants. Start with your objective, then map out your budget, and finally start sending out emails.

**Remember it is important to check engagement and not just the following count.**


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