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  • Kathy Trieu

Let Your Customers Come To You

Imagine putting your marketing tactics on autopilot. I know what you’re about to ask, isn’t throwing up a well thought out billboard or commercial the same as “throwing my marketing on autopilot”? Well, not exactly. That way of advertising is tried and true, I won’t argue that. I will argue that you’re taking a bigger gamble on whether you direct customers are going to see and better yet, resonate with the ad. No resonating… no sales, it’s not exactly rocket science.

Influencers social platforms on the other hand are carefully curated spotlights for certain brands! Pick the right influencers and you are golden. Your brand needs to be in the eyes of people who are actually going to want to buy or talk about your products. The more people who are talking about you, the more customers you are pulling in.

  • Brand Awareness

Having a great product no longer cuts it in the world of entrepreneurs. The pandemic opened a lot of people's eyes to not wanting that “9 to 5” lifestyle, but instead wanting a business of their own. We are seeing a flood in all categories of people branding out with Etsy side hustle shops and peoples start up’s going viral on TikTok. A “prime spot” on a shelf isn’t the best way to spend your money anymore, get those customers who will search for you not matter where you are on the shelf.

  • Loyalty

Loyalty, so hard to gain and get so easy to lose. With the click of a finger your liquor could go from “must taste” to “never associate”. This is where the power of loyalty truly lies. In the unlikely (but actually extremely likely because people love to complain on the internet) event that a bad review is placed about you on the unreadable world wide web, your loyal liquor lovers will be your saving grace. Yet another great thing about using influencers posting your brand is that the loyalty and trust their followers have for them gets extended and easily associated with you. If any job ever has taught anyone anything… it’s that references matter.

The main takeaway here is that word of mouth is everything. From brand awareness to loyalty, word of mouth can give you it all. Take Kendall Jenner's Tequila Line for example. Thanks to her very well followed friends posting all the time, she never has a single problem selling those bottles. Think of it this way, if they do not know anyone who has tried it, they are less likely to try it themselves. So, make sure they see people they “know” trying it!


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