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5 Companies Doing Exceptionally Well On Social Media!

Are you striving to be the best? To successfully market your brand, you need a social media strategy that sets you apart. Having a successful and innovative social media strategy is the best way to connect with your target audience actively.

Every company's social media presence looks different and uses different tools depending on who their customers are. So let's take a look at the best of the best companies on social media, and what sets them apart from their competitors. Here are 5 companies doing exceptionally well!

  1. Missguided

  2. Lego

  3. L'Oreal

  4. Dominos Pizza

  5. Nike


Missguided is an online clothing brand with 6.5 million followers on Instagram. The company predominantly uses macro and micro influencers as models. The use of influencer marketing here is the perfect way to grab their target market's attention. Showing customers people they know wearing the clothes, the customer immediately identifies and establishes trust with the brand.

This company is continuously active on social media through its purposeful and creative use of stories. Missguided's Instagram story highlights include tutorials of professionals showing followers how to use their products. Each clothing company that has collaborated with an influencer or celebrity has its on story highlight that will spark customers' interest. Misguided portrays their inclusivity with posts of women of all different shapes, sizes and ethnicities.


This timeless company has managed to continue to dominate the toy market through their creative social media strategy. Lego has used its social media to engage their customers and expand their creativity. The company prides itself on 1.2 million user-generated posts.

Organic user-generated content is the goal as their customers are doing their marketing for them. On Instagram, Lego uploads animated videos that bring the toys to life. With a significant focus on consumer engagement, Lego encourages their customers to share their masterpieces.

Lego's social media platform encompasses a variety of platforms, including YouTube. Their YouTube channel posts a variety of content on different playlists. Their ads are all over YouTube. However, the Lego YouTube channel is also a fun platform for their customers, where they can watch short stories starring their favourite toys and tutorials where they can see what sets to purchase to build particular models.


L'Oreal employs a unique social media marketing strategy. Rather than marketing the product itself, this beauty company uses social media to showcase their company culture. This company-wide demonstration is a useful tool not just for recruitment but to resonate with consumers through values.

To execute this tactic, the company promotes employees to post about the company and use the hashtag #lifeatloreal. This is a genuine way to demonstrate what the company does and who they are through the people who have built it. This marketing campaign is brilliant because the employees' passion translates to consumers, which establishes respect for the brand.

Dominos Pizza Dominos Pizza is hugely active on social media. Aside from their deliciously tempting ads delivered through our newsfeeds, Dominos has launched numerous successful social media campaigns. Because of these efforts, Dominos is now the biggest pizza chain in the world.

Dominos has had campaigns on every social media platform, but one of their most unique was Dom Juan on Tinder. As Tinder's usage increased to Valentine's Day in 2018, Dominos partnered with Tinder to launch an ad on the app that appeared like a profile. The Dom Juan replied with a cheesy pickup line (pun intended) if users swiped right on the profile. This goofy and clever ad created massive brand awareness by reaching their target audience on Tinder while creating a buzz on other social media platforms.


The athletic company has generated numerous large scale social media strategies over the years. The infamous brand has a multitude of social media profiles that target the different athletic markets they cater to. Their campaigns have been known to leave an impact and inspire.

Nike has mastered employing strategic storytelling in their social media campaigns. Their famous "Breaking 2" campaign attracted massive social media attention. The campaign pushed world-class runners to run a marathon in under 2 hours.

The runners all wore Nike shoes, and when they broke the record, they proved you can push yourself and achieve anything you want with Nike. Nike's campaigns have demonstrated social media is a successful storytelling tool.


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