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3 Steps to Master Social Media Right Now!

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Social media can be a tricky platform to master but when successful, social media marketing can boost sales, establish brand awareness, and create a fanbase. Sounds great but realistically, a successful social media account requires time, effort, and dedication. If you master social media and maintain consistency, your brand will continue to grow and reach wider audiences.

Here are 3 steps to help you succeed! We’ve created each aspect of social media into acronyms to help you succeed, but before we jump in you must first have a clear plan!


The first and most important step in becoming successful at social media is to

• Identify Your Goals • Plan A Strategy • Set Up A Schedule • Update Your Social Media Strategy Periodically

As platforms are innovating every day! This requires research on your product/service marketplace and knowledge of detailed social strategies that function well with your brand.

As the most important step, the planning stage can seem overwhelming so entrust your brand and campaign to the experts at Blitz Marketing. We understand social media platforms, specialize in the Influencer market, and are highly experienced in boosting ROI (return on investment), to ensure your brand can reach its maximum potential.


Story Consistency

Consistency, consistency, consistency is the key! Stories can reach as many people, if not more, as posts. Stories don’t have to be as high quality and strict as posts, but they are an easy way to keep in touch with your audience on a more relaxed basis.

Tease Content

Stories are a great and subtle way to tease upcoming content. It keeps an audience excited for upcoming campaigns and keeps your brand in the back of their mind. You can see more success when you release content because your audience is anticipating it!

Open Interaction

Give your audience opportunities to interact with you. That can be as simple as replying to comments or as dedicated as creating relaxed content on Instagram Live. Many social media platforms enable an audience to send you questions or answers so remember to utilize these features to maintain and grow your audience.


Your audience wants to see a softer side, so don’t be afraid to take a step back and be real with them. Be honest and be personal, your audience wants to be emotionally invested in your success and if you achieve that, your brand will flourish.

You Are Human

As a human, you can’t anticipate every need of your audience, and they understand that. Reach out to them and ask what they’d be interested in and what they aren’t. Feedback is the most efficient way to grow and it can often be the key factor that ignites your success.


Capture Your Audience

Captions can be the way to your audience’s heart or lull them into scrolling past your post. It’s a way to showcase your thoughts and personality beyond visuals, so put effort into making it engaging.

Approach Sensitively

Be wary of what you say to your audience. Often, the tone doesn’t translate over texts so pay attention to how people perceive your words and be aware of sensitivities regarding social topics.

Personality Shines

Your personality is the most unique thing about you so let it shine! If you’re able to communicate well and consistently, your audience will get a feel for your brand and be more committed to you organically.

Tell A Story

Once in a while, it can be effective to write a long caption, especially for an aspect of your brand that you’re passionate about. This can range from social justice issues to a personal experience you have that can incorporate your brand image.

Incorporate Hashtags

Hashtags can help audiences interested in your brand, or related categories, find your social media account. Be sure not to get crazy with the hashtags, keep them relevant. We’ve found through running a number of campaigns using 10 to 15 hashtags maximum is more effective.

Open-Ended Questions

Invite discussion in your comments, this facilitates a community within your audience that is directly invested in your brand. Reply and interact to insightful discussions happening in your comments, this way your audience will feel your dedication to your followers.

Notice Your Followers

Appreciate positive feedback by replying with sincere and direct comments. As importantly, don’t pay attention to negative comments that offer no feedback. Curate an audience that helps your brand grow and keeps your community positive.


Produce Valuable Content

Ensure that the content on your channels is valuable, every post should represent the high quality of your brand. High-definition pictures and a variety of content goes a long way.

On Top Of Channels

The more channels you have, the wider your reach can be, but it’s important to be on top of these channels. Set up a posting schedule on each platform so your entire audience can have consistent access and interaction with your brand.

Stay Consistent

As you grow, your audience will want updates because they really do follow you. Make sure you post at a consistent and comfortable rate that you can sustain indefinitely. You can set up an automated posting schedule through a variety of tools available online.

Think Outside The Box

Be original and authentic. With such a saturated market, the best thing you can do for your brand is stand out. At Blitz Marketing, we know how to separate your brand from the marketplace, utilizing our experts in social media marketing, influencer marketing, and digital marketing to put you above the rest.

If you'd like to pick our brains on your social media potential, give us a ring/email!


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