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Why Hotel's Use Agencies to Manage their Influencer Marketing

If you’re looking to up your hotel’s game by tapping into the influencer marketing industry, consider working with a verified influencer marketing agency. By allowing professionals to plan and prep your campaigns, your hotel will experience rapid-fire increases in bookings and brand awareness.

Below are five reasons why your hotel will benefit from having an agency manage your influencer marketing campaigns:

  1. Agencies Are Your Expert Negotiators

  2. Ease Your Burden With a Network of Power

  3. Specialized Talent at Your Fingertips

  4. Affordable Quality Production

  5. Relevant Content Marketing

Expert Negotiator’s

Hiring an external agency to contract influencers is an incredible time-saver, not to mention it will reduce your workload and stress levels. They take care of all the technical aspects, and you get to tell them precisely what you need.

It’s worth it to have someone have your back. Agencies will be the ones following up with your influencers and ensuring they’re fulfilling their contract. If you say you need three feed posts, but they do three stories, the agency will already have an agreement in place and a team to mitigate the confusion.

Ease Your Burden

Let’s say there’s an issue with an influencer, and they’re not outputting the agreed-upon terms, you can fall back on your agency for support. You have a network of power at your fingertips that’s there to handle sticky situations to deliver you down the road of success.

If there is a disconnect between your message and the audience’s interpretation, the agency will act as a buffer that re-directs any negativity into positivity. The agency takes the backlash and is responsible for any issues, saving your hotel’s external image.

Specialized Talent

Agencies know the industry standards for pricing, and they have the ability and resources to find more options for your hotel. Organizing and managing a variety of influencers is tough work, and your agency has the skills and personnel required to do so.

The beauty of working with an agency is that the team you need is already fully developed and equipped for your needs. If your hotel were hiring its creative marketing team, you would need to hire more talent as you grow, which is time-consuming, especially if you need to keep them up to date on your vision and branding. Working with an agency allows you to scale up your marketing game as you go, hassle-free.

Affordable Quality

Agencies that connect you with influencers, like Blitz Marketing, have a Rolodex of possible connections to promote your hotel. Influencer’s, especially if you use a mixture of micro and macro-sized, are more affordable than traditional advertising. They give back a higher return on investment. As for marketers, 89% have found influencer marketing more profitable than other avenues of marketing. Agencies can optimize your budget to get the most influencers for the best rate. If you find a reliable agency, they will track analytics of performance on posts and create reports so you can see exactly how effective the campaign was.


It may be hard to admit sometimes, but no one can be an expert at everything. Managing hotels can be someone’s expertise, but they may not know the most effective ways to bring influencers into their marketing plan. That’s ok, that’s why we have marketing agencies like ours here at Blitz. Agencies have to be up to date on trending, the new updates of social sites, and exactly how to market content relevant to your desired audiences. Their expertise will keep you ahead of the curve with influencer campaigns.

If you’re interested in learning more about how an agency can amplify your influencer marketing campaign feel free to reach out to our team of experts at


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