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Is Influencer Marketing Trending?

One of the quickest growing industries right now is influencer marketing. Influencers have taken the internet by storm and are endorsing different products on every social media platform.

As curators of trends, influencers have built communities with their followers and can motivate their audiences through shared values and established trust. But why is influencer marketing trending right now? Because it is the future! Young girls don't want to grow up to be princesses anymore. They want to be the next Kylie Jenner and their other favourite influencers posting about where they are and what they are using and loving.

Gen Z and Millennials have fostered a curious consumer culture through "stalking" on social media. They want the inside information from these influential individuals. That is why influencer marketing is trending because as the influencers gain popularity, the products they recommend their audience do too. There are different levels of influencers and a few popular sponsored posts your brand should know.

1. Categories of Influencers

a. Nano Influencers

b. Micro Influencers

c. Macro Influencers

2. Trending Platforms

a. YouTube

b. Instagram

c. TikTok

1. Categories Of Influencers

There are three types of influencers that are trending right now nano influencers, micro influencers and macro influencers. The number of followers differentiates each of the three different categories. However, each kind has distinct benefits depending on your company's influencer marketing goals.

a. Nano Influencers

Engaging a smaller niche, nano Influencers have between 2,000 to 5,000 followers.Their reach may be lower; however, they have a substantial impact on their followers. Don't underestimate nano influencers. They have authentic engagement, so their followers are much more likely to interact with a sponsored post.

Contracting nano influencers is also more cost-effective as they are usually willing to post sponsored content in exchange for the product. Your company could establish a network of nano influencers endorsing your brand for significantly less money than having to pay large scale influencers.

Cumulatively, a network of nano influencers could even generate more genuine interaction than influencers with mass followings. The only caveat to using nano influencers is management. You will need someone to manage the output of all the content, and keep the influencers on brand.

b. Micro Influencers

With slightly more followers than nano influencers, micro influencers have audiences of around 10,000 people. While remaining cost-effective, these figures have high organic engagement.

The smaller following base makes these influencers seem more authentic to their viewers, so they feel connected with the influencer. This authenticity builds trust and value in the influencer's opinions that will drive traffic to your company's website.

2. Trending Platforms

There are a few kinds of trending posts that are being used for digital marketing right now. These sponsored posts can be found on three popular platforms right now; YouTube, Instagram and, most recently, TikTok!

a. YouTube

A common avenue for influencer marketing is product reviews on YouTube. By sending the YouTuber your company's product, they can test it and post a video raving about all the things they love.

A great example of this is clothing try on hauls. In these videos, the influencer receives several pieces from the brand to try on for their audience to decide what they like. The Youtuber links the items in the description, so viewers have quick and easy access to the company's website.

b. Instagram

There are a variety of successful styles of sponsored Instagram posts.

Influencers can post a photo with the product and tag the company. Or, sometimes, there are more obvious paid partnerships with a caption talking about the company.

Instagram stories are another popular option.

Especially when working with macro influencers who have the swipe up tab directly on their Instagram story, bringing the viewer directly to the company's website.

c. TikTok

This new fun app allows TikTok influencers to endorse products creatively. The short, entertaining videos are a great way to show the influencers using the products.

When done casually, TikTok allows the post to seem less like an ad.

This app has recently exploded as an attractive way to create brand awareness.

If you are ever looking to start your path into influencer marketing, feel free to get in touch with our team at any time!


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