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How to TikTok Your Business!

So, you want to get in on the hype? We’ve got you covered here at Blitz. This article is great for beginners getting their business on TikTok. The following tips are exactly what you need to successfully market yourself on this new application:

  1. Encourage User-Generated Content & Branded Hashtags

  2. Involve Influencers

  3. Organize a Brand Take-Over

  4. Develop In-Feed Native Ads

  5. Design Branded Lenses

  6. Make a Hashtag Challenge Your Own

  7. Create Your Very Own Content

TikTok has become an incredibly popular app, with the majority of their demographic of users being between the ages 16-24. This app caters to a younger generation. It’s crucial to know your audience to ensure your content will be relevant and reachable to them.

The parent company of TikTok, ByteDance, purchased and transitioned into North America with ease. It has been downloaded 2 billion times since its release in 2016 and rapidly continues to grow.

Get comfortable with the platform and its layout. People love this app because of its ease of use. You don’t have to follow anyone, and you can still see the most popular videos of the day. You can swipe down your feed to like and follow as you go. Or head over to the discovery page to see the newest challenges and top trenders. TikTok isn’t for everyone, but it is rapidly growing; therefore, it should stay on everyone’s radar. The following tips will help walk your business through the basics of how to create successful engagement and awareness through this new social media avenue.

Encourage User-Generated Content & Branded Hashtags Leverage the power of the public! By creating a personalized hashtag challenge and invite people to participate, you can generate organic viral grassroots content. Your brand can pay to endorse a hashtag and to have a banner displayed on the discover screen. Audiences can tap into it to find your videos describing the challenge. From there, people can copy and create videos that host your hashtag. Step aside and watch as authentic fans promote your brand.

Involve Influencers Developing a reputation among users can be done through collaborating with influencers. Finding ones that align with your business is a stable way to gain approval from potential customers. Popular TikTok stars can host or promote your content meaning your company can gain an unbelievable amount of brand awareness and validity.

Organize A Brand Take-Over This method captures audience attention quickly and promises your business gets seen. A brand take-over is a full-screen ad viewed as soon as a user opens the app. It uses either a static image, gif, or short video. The embedded links can direct traffic to other sites or a specific hashtag challenge. Your brand can directly funnel impressions and gain desired visibility.

Develop In-Feed Native Ads These paid ads play between user content videos. Swiping through videos, users land on these frequently and can click through your brand’s page. They can last up to 15 seconds. You can choose to construct these ads to look less “Ad-like” if you want to integrate them seamlessly into a feed. Or go full out and show folks a video with strong imagery to grab their attention and click through. Either way, you gain impressions and potential leads from this tactic.

Design Branded Lenses You can develop a branded lens for audiences to place over their video content. These are similar to Snapchat 2D and 3D lens filters. The lenses are live for ten days and are included in the top 10 trending list automatically. If you want your business’s logo available to the 800 million users, this is the way to go.

Make a Hashtag Challenge Your Own Take some time to enjoy the transitory nature of this app. Jump into some of the hashtag challenges you view as relevant to your brand. Find any that you think would be fun. Posting content and joining in on the fads can place you at the front of people’s feeds resulting in the potential for more followers and brand awareness. Find a hashtag that you want to recreate and work it. Audiences appreciate when businesses show their human side. It’s relatable and causes an emotional attachment to form between user and brand, which can lead you to more conversions.

Create Your Very Own Content A great way to share your brand on TikTok is to generate an insider view into your business. Make some fun, original videos and post them. TikTok is far from a serious platform, and most viewers go to this platform for entertaining or cute content. Try incorporating an animal into your video if you can (everyone loves seeing cute pets). If you have more questions about the newest trends in digital marketing or you would like to collaborate, please feel free to contact us at


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