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Indie Alehouse

Blitz Marketing was tasked with creating an influencer campaign to spread the word about Indie Alehouse's home delivery during the pandemic, along with spreading brand awareness about their location in Eataly. The goal was to target 25-45 year old city dwellers and beer enthusiasts to introduce them to their beer while emphasizing creativity, individualism, and the local brewery.


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Indie Alehouse

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We registered and branded the hashtag #BrewBold to capture the campaign vision. We sourced and negotiated local Toronto beer enthusiasts, lifestyle influencers, and foodie bloggers who had audiences with 70% and over the legal drinking age of 19 and who were predominantly located in Toronto. Your initial budget included room for 2 macro, 5 micro, and 5 nano influencers.


At Blitz, our motto is to always over-deliver. The final roster included 4 macro, 6 micro and 5 nano influencers. Using these influencers, we were able to garner over 43,000 impressions for Indie Alehouse, 17 feed posts, 48 story posts, and 2 blog posts. As a bonus, our production team also created a few additional social media assets for you. 


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