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In the summer of 2022, Blitz Marketing was tasked with creating an influencer campaign to spread the word about PiACTIVE's bug repellent. The goal was to spread awareness about the benefits of using PiACTIVE repellents and position it as the go-to deet-free bug repellent to thousands of potential clientele across Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia. The influencers created engaging content while emphasizing the effectiveness and the many benefits of using PiACTIVE.

Kiki Khosla x Piactive 1.jpg

We sourced and negotiated dancers and passionate choreographers to promote the 'Have It All Hakim Spring Dance Contest'. We also went after lifestyle, and fashion influencers from across Canada to spread brand awareness and news about Hakim's various year long promotions.


The final roster included 50+ Influencers from multiple levels. Using these influencers, we were able to garner over 673,993 impressions for Hakim Optical, 60+ feed posts, multiple Instagram Reels, and 125+ story posts.

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